A Small Step for Boomi, a Giant Leap for Federal Agencies

March 19, 2019
A Small Step for Boomi, a Giant Leap for Federal Agencies

Dell Boomi has achieved FedRAMP “in process” authorization. Over the next few months, Boomi will complete the certification process. Such certification will allow Boomi to become a technology partner with organizations, agencies and departments in the United States federal government.

By becoming certified as a FedRAMP vendor, we are confirming our commitment to empower any organization to achieve better outcomes, faster.

Connecting old and brittle — yet still mission-critical — technologies with new applications and cloud offerings is more important than ever in the federal government. The FedRAMP “in process” may be a small step for Boomi, but when the certification is completed, it will be a giant leap for federal agencies, providing an agile technology foundation with proven compliance and trusted security that speeds the flow of information, interactions and innovations.

Boomi’s unified, secure, low-code integration platform as a service (iPaaS) supports complex IT systems and architectures with greater flexibility, at a lower cost, with reduced risk and immense scalability.

Boomi steps up to the integration challenge by connecting data sources, applications, devices and people to break down data silos and create seamless data flow. Boomi's ease of use and speed of development accelerate delivery of projects while reducing the risk of delays and cost overruns.

Boomi empowers agencies to modernize their legacy IT systems, supporting their move to the cloud and helping with implementation of shared services — all key initiatives in the Modernizing Government Technology (MGT) Act that was signed into law in December 2017.

IT modernization is not simply replacing outdated IT systems with newer ones, but rather a holistic approach that fundamentally transforms how agencies accomplish their missions. In that regard, with Boomi, agencies will:

  • Speed up Cloud Smart adoption: Boomi makes it fast and easy to connect application and data sources wherever they reside: on-premise, in a private cloud, or in a public cloud. Real-time and batch integration capabilities, along with prebuilt connectors and mapped data features, provide fast, secure and reliable synchronization of data, allowing agencies to increase operational efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Manage and improve data quality: Agencies’ data is siloed and quite often has duplicate data with multiple definitions. Boomi Master Data Hub makes it effortless to model, match, synchronize, cleanse and enrich data across domains.
  • Make application migration effortless: Consolidating applications requires re-connecting new applications and databases to exchange data with the original application. Boomi streamlines the process, eliminates the complexity and handles the exchange during the transition phase.
  • Expedite the adoption of new government services: As agencies move to modern best-of-breed applications to transform many government functions such as case management, service management and health systems management, new cloud-based applications must share data with each other and with other existing technologies to support improvements in the citizen experience. Boomi will help agencies redeploy existing services or assets in web-friendly architectures to enhance agency capabilities at a reduced cost.

With Boomi, government organizations will be able to confidently access the information they need to make strategic decisions and operate more effectively.

Success in today’s fast-paced, digital world is directly linked to the effective and efficient integration of any and all applications, combined with data quality governance and the automation of processes and workflows.

Integration truly is the only way to create a better, more seamless and connected government experience for citizens, partners and employees of federal agencies.

Boomi has helped thousands of organizations achieve an average 300% ROI by reducing implementation times as much as 10-fold compared to traditional approaches. Even large-scale Boomi implementations take days or weeks, not months or years.

We are excited to now bring these same advantages to the U.S. federal government.

Visit the Dell Boomi for Federal Government webpage to learn more.

About the Author

Kristina Avrionova is a product marketing manager at Dell Boomi.