Ascendas-Singbridge Selects Boomi in Journey to Smart Real Estate

Ascendas-Singbridge Selects Boomi in Journey to Smart Real Estate

Comprehensive cloud-based integration inspires cloud-first, data-driven business model to underpin management of S$20 billion in assets

Singapore – June 26, 2019 – Ascendas-Singbridge (ASB), Asia’s leading sustainable urban development and business space solutions provider, has selected Dell Boomi

(Boomi) in its journey to become a smart real estate developer. Using the Boomi integration platform, ASB has connected and centralised its largest ever operational transformation, as part of a transition to a cloud-first and data-driven organisation.

In 2017, ASB kick-started a group-wide operational transformation to improve efficiency and enhance customer experience. Covering four main areas of Customer Relationship Management, Lease and Space Management, Facility Management and Procurement, the operational transformation was a key component of ASB’s digitisation strategy. The transformation process involved the replacement of core on-premises systems and migration to the cloud as part of a hybrid deployment.

To ensure seamless replacement and migration of these systems, ASB turned to Boomi as the integration centerpiece for the technology overhaul; it is using Boomi’s integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) as the unifying mechanism between all systems – so that data can flow securely and reliably throughout the organisation.

“Our customers today are placing lesser emphasis on physical assets, and increasingly finding greater value working in vibrant, conducive and digitised communities, alongside companies that will extend their value chain,” said Alvin Tan, Head of Group Information Management and Technology at ASB.

“We knew we needed a digitally-agile environment and exceptional, meaningful data to better understand our clients so that we could offer tailored experiences. This is especially important for clients we are helping expand into the Asia-Pacific market.”

The ASB digital transformation journey has been rewarding. Beyond the implementation of Boomi to make sense of information and data across different systems back end, ASB has made significant strides in engaging customers front end to ensure a better experience.

Currently connecting a total of 26 buildings to a central system at the ASB Operations Centre (AOC), the company has successfully leveraged analytical data feeds from Internet of Things (IoT) devices installed in these buildings to monitor facilities. With real-time data and status updates on building equipment and essentials, ASB has reduced equipment breakdowns by 80 per cent.

Relying on past data and video analytics, ASB also rolled out a smart carpark system to predict and manage usage more efficiently. Through redistribution of unused space using machine learning, ASB has seen an increase in revenue from this source by 20 per cent.

To date, ASB has had 90 per cent of its servers virtualised, and 30 per cent of the workloads moved to the cloud. ASB’s Boomi implementation has yielded significant outcomes for these workloads:

  • With its low-code design, Boomi eliminates the need for IT specialists; the platform is easy to use so that staff, with some training, can focus on qualitative projects rather than consuming people-hours on mundane coding.
  • Boomi allows ASB to operate a hybrid IT strategy so it can reap the benefits of having its applications in the public cloud while ensuring data remains on-premises in private clouds. As a result of a flexible architecture, the Boomi platform can connect even the most diverse IT setups without comprising the security of sensitive information.

“Boomi, as part of our suite of technological deployments, has played an integral role in ASB’s digital foundation. It has provided us with a comprehensive platform to analyse data pertaining to our company, supply chain and clients in order to deliver services faster,” said Tan.

“Real estate has transformed from physical space to business asset, with organisations seeking modern workplaces built for the needs of the digital world – including productivity, mobility and sustainability – and with community collaboration front of mind,” said William Fu, Managing Director Asia at Dell Boomi. “With Boomi unifying its IT transformation, ASB is on an accelerated path towards becoming a smart and trusted developer – one equipped with real-time data to support the growth ambitions of its tenants, no matter how big or small.”

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