Boomi and DevOps: Continuously Delivering Productivity

October 3, 2019
Boomi and DevOps: Continuously Delivering Productivity

You know that Boomi is committed to empowering your DevOps journey when Jenkins creator Kohsuke Kawaguchi shows up at Boomi World 2019!

When we talk about groundbreaking development practices, DevOps is one of the first that springs to mind. But DevOps is no longer a buzzword.

Today, it's an established methodology that is used in organizations both large and small, across every industry. But how well an organization has mastered and adopted DevOps is what really separates the best from the rest.

DevOps helps practitioners achieve faster, more frequent release cycles and deliver quality software with maximum speed, functionality and innovation. And Boomi, a Dell Technologies business, provides support for many continuous delivery practices along with tools to empower DevOps teams.

We are amazed to see what our customers have already achieved and can’t wait to see where their innovation will take them next. But we fully believe the best is yet to come — and we have some exciting announcements that show how we're helping pave the way.

CloudBees Partnership

We are very excited to partner with CloudBees, a continuous delivery powerhouse. Leveraging CloudBees' software delivery management system, you will be able to continuously deploy the right capabilities at the right time efficiently across all teams, tools and technologies.

To help kick off our partnership, we invited Kawaguchi, the CTO of CloudBees, to participate in a Boomi World 2019 panel on October 2. He joined Boomi experts for a session called “Practical Magic: Boomi for DevOps," exploring how to connect the latest and greatest DevOps tools.

Boomi partners with innovative companies around the world to help organizations transform their businesses. Learn how those customers "Win with Boomi."

Continuous Delivery Foundation

And, we are now a proud member of the Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF). The CDF serves as the vendor-neutral home of many of the fastest-growing projects for continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD). It includes Jenkins, an open source CI/CD system; Jenkins X, an open source CI/CD solution on Kubernetes; Spinnaker, an open-source, multi-cloud CD solution; and Tekton, a Kubernetes CI/CD pipeline.

Boomi is the first integration platform as a service (iPaaS) provider to join the CDF. We will help shape industry specifications around pipelines, workflows and other CI/CD areas, as well as provide foundational support for CI/CD tools. We are truly honored to be a part of this collaborative continuous delivery ecosystem.

Connecting the DevOps Dots

We are super excited to partner with these organizations. The DevOps tool ecosystem is still very fragmented and needs leadership to evolve and thrive. And while DevOps isn't about the tools you use, many developers still need guidance on best practices and tool stacks for automating and securing their software pipelines.

Boomi can connect any and all DevOps tools that you might have in-house. We already plug into your DevOps ecosystem through a rich set of APIs. These automate many common, repetitive DevOps tasks such as deploying and promoting processes and APIs, or provisioning runtime engines and operational monitoring .

With the upcoming availability of additional APIs, you will have access to the metadata for search components. You'll also be able to view package details, and export the component configuration XML files.

And with access to the component configuration, you can archive packages in the repository of your choice such as GitHub or Bitbucket, run it through external tools to perform validations and static code analysis, view version diffs, generate documentation and more.​

But that’s not all — Boomi can also help transform the data from one tool to another, so your tools can truly “speak” to each other.

By mapping the data fields of the tools you use, your information flow will be automated and accurate at every status update. For example, Problem in ServiceNow will appear as a Bug in Atlassian Jira. Resolved in GitHub will appear as Done in Jira. Practitioners will not have to leave their favorite tools to provide feedback or rely on email/Slack/spreadsheets to keep track of progress.

If you are using Boomi, but have not leveraged the transformation capabilities to truly integrate your DevOps tools, why wait to jumpstart your productivity?

And if you haven’t yet tried Boomi, get started with our free 30-day trial. You'll quickly see for yourself that with Boomi, your journey — and your results — will just keep getting better!

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About the Author

Kristina Avrionova is a product marketing manager at Dell Boomi.