Boomi Delivers Real-Time Open Connectivity

October 3, 2019
Boomi Delivers Real-Time Open Connectivity

With new enhancements to the Boomi Connector SDK and the upcoming OpenAPI Technology connector, Boomi aims to help developers quickly and easily connect everything, everywhere — in real time.

Integration developers are tasked with connecting an array of disparate endpoints to allow data to flow to exactly where it needs to be. This may be applications, people, processes, data and devices; and they may reside on-premise, in the cloud, or (more than likely) distributed between both.

To effectively connect all these endpoints, an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) needs to be application and end-point agnostic. You shouldn't be locked into using applications or cloud platforms from specific vendors.

The Boomi iPaaS is an open platform. We believe in practicing what we preach. To that end, we're developing new features, functionality and tools to assist with developer productivity.  That will also help us better support other open technology offerings.

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Support for Real-Time Integration Patterns

Many of our customers have been asking for the ability to support real-time integration patterns. And we've listened (no pun intended). As announced today at Boomi World, we are adding support for Listener operations to the Boomi Connector SDK so it can be used in any SDK-based connector. This extends our support for real-time integration patterns through the WebServices and JMS connectors.

Connectors that will initially benefit from this SDK enhancement include RabbitMQ, Kafka, Salesforce Platform Events and Azure Service Bus. We also plan to add listen support to file-based connectors like Disk, FTP and SFTP.

Connector Acceleration

We will also add support for the OpenAPI/Swagger specification in an OpenAPI Technology connector. This connector accelerates our ability to support new software as a service (SaaS) applications with OpenAPIs.

APIs allow businesses to create new applications or connect applications without having to invest development time in starting from scratch. As open standards become more common, many SaaS applications are being designed with OpenAPI support. These APIs allow developers outside of the proprietary organization to access back-end data that can be used to enhance their own applications or to create new ones.

With the new Boomi OpenAPI Technology connector, users can import an OpenAPI specification file and get the user experience (UX) of an application connector. This lays the foundation for building application connectors to OpenAPIs without the need to write Java code.

Pervasive Connectivity

Boomi strives to deliver seamless and pervasive connectivity that streamlines the integration development process. To provide integration developers with an ever-growing number of applications to connect to, we need to first grow our connector ecosystem.

In the coming months, we'll be working towards making it easier for Boomi's customers and partners to contribute to this connector ecosystem, and easier to benefit from each other's contributions. We intend to broadly share connector source code, and simplify the contribution and consumption processes for all users.

We'd love for you to contribute to our open connector ecosystem. To get the latest news on this initiative, please follow the Custom Connector Development forum in the Boomi Community.

For more information on how Boomi can help you connect everything, engage everywhere, and run anywhere, contact our Boomi integration experts today.

About the Author

Varun Reddy is Boomi's connectivity product manager.