Boomi Demonstrates Interoperability for Healthcare IT at HIMSS

January 30, 2019
Boomi Demonstrates Interoperability for Healthcare IT at HIMSS

Healthcare is undergoing a digital revolution, transforming nearly every aspect of patient care. From appointment scheduling to operating room procedures to ongoing patient monitoring, healthcare IT is being reimagined and re-engineered for speed, efficiency, accuracy and quality of experience.

All these healthcare innovations depend on integration. Only when these new systems are integrated can they share electronic health records (EHR) and other critical data efficiently, enabling each system to work with the most complete, up-to-date record of a patient’s health.

At this year’s HIMSS Global Conference — the largest healthcare IT conference in the U.S. — Dell Boomi will be demonstrating the power of the Boomi platform for integration and data governance in a use case presentation within the event's Interoperability Showcase.

In the use case, focused on comprehensive kidney care, Dell Boomi, Dell EMC and other companies will show how IT innovations can be applied to the following scenario:

HIMSS 2019 Interoperability Showcase Scenario: Jack, a 49-year-old male, has End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), which requires life-sustaining treatments. Many ESRD patients suffer poor health outcomes due to complications and comorbidities. These lead to high rates of hospital admission and re-admissions, as well as higher mortality rates than that of the general population. Interoperability services can improve Jack’s outcomes by engaging him in a variety of ways including pain management, preventative care and direct reporting of outcomes.

Boomi provides fast, efficient integration for the use case’s platform for comprehensive care. The platform comprises IT systems from several cutting-edge healthcare IT providers, including:

  • DevCool, a Dell Boomi partner, offers workflow for patient tracking and a portal and mobile app for interacting with the patient. In the kidney care use case, patients and providers will use the DevCool platform to schedule Jack for a DNA test. When the test confirms that Jack has Fabry disease — a rare genetic disorder that compromises kidneys — the DevCool platform helps Jack schedule his surgery and find a donor. On the day of surgery, the DevCool platform passes Jack’s medical records to meeHealth.
  • meeHealth, a healthcare IT company, offers a clinical system that manages the operating room experience. In the kidney care scenario, meeHealth’s information management systems will help caregivers during and after Jack’s surgery.
  • NantHealth, a healthcare IT company that applies the latest advancements in precision medicine and software technology to help provide value-based care, will provide a patient monitor for the kidney care use case, enabling care providers to monitor Jack during and immediately after surgery.
  • Care Evolution, a leading provider of secure interoperability solutions for healthcare, will demonstrate tracking patient health records after surgery not only for ongoing patient care but also for longitudinal research.

In this use case, Boomi is providing a unified integration platform supporting:

  • Integration and connectors linking these systems together
  • Support for standard healthcare communication protocols, including HL7, CDA and FHIR
  • An open source FHIR server that delivers files to systems and users

HIMSS Conference attendees interested in learning more about the Boomi platform should visit us at Booth #3159 or visit the use case demonstration in the HIMSS Interoperability Showcase located at #9100-48.

Panel Discussion on Interoperability with Healthcare Executives

In addition to demonstrating integration in the HIMSS Interoperability Showcase, Boomi will also be presenting a panel discussion with leading healthcare executives.

Myles Suer, global enterprise product marketing manager at Boomi and facilitator of the popular #CIOChat discussion group on Twitter and LinkedIn, will serve as moderator for a panel featuring the following panelists:

This panel will discuss the importance of the patient experience and the role of the healthcare CIO in putting together solutions to drive higher quality outcomes. They will also discuss how to achieve these outcomes in the multi-cloud (private, public, hybrid) era.

The panel discussion will take place on Tuesday, February 12, 2019 from 1:30-2:30 pm in the Interoperability Education Theater.

HIMSS Conference attendees interested in learning more about the Boomi platform should visit the us at Booth #3159 or visit the use case demonstration in the HIMSS Interoperability Showcase located at #9100-48.

About the Author

John Reeves is Dell Boomi’s healthcare solutions evangelist.