Boomi Helps Disguise Set the Stage for Global Growth

November 21, 2019
Boomi Helps Disguise Set the Stage for Global Growth

At Disguise, we like a good show.

As makers of premier design software and hardware, we help our customers deliver the world's most spectacular live events.

Disguise started when we developed our own media platform because no others were available. Before long, producers and artists were asking to use our high-performance suite of digital tools, and Disguise (formerly d3 Technologies) was born.

Our cutting-edge product portfolio offers event designers a way to create, sequence and control visual shows with the precision of an architect and the art of a conductor.

Now we work with some of the world’s most talented artists and producers, giving them the technology they need to create mind-blowing experiences for art festivals, music concerts, sporting events and TV productions.

Yet, while the business itself has also been a spectacle to watch with double-digit growth and global expansion, our ebusiness processes have struggled to keep up.

In my role as CFO at Disguise, I understand the importance of having an information stack that allows easy access to the kinds of quality data our company needs to make informed business decisions.

But as I've seen from my experience in international finance, as global companies expand, complexity is inevitable. Certainly, that was the challenge facing us at Disguise.

Find out more about how Boomi helped Disguise connect its entire business. Read the case study.

Data Drives Global Growth

The antidote to this challenge is data. Having quality data that is accessible and easy to put to work makes all the difference. With good data, you can improve your visibility into your business and generate much clearer insights. These capabilities help rapidly expanding businesses maintain their momentum.

With that in mind, when Disguise first implemented Boomi, we quickly saw that its unified platform could help us rapidly connect our business in ways that previously were not viable.

Since partnering with Boomi, a Dell Technologies business, we have modernized our entire digital infrastructure, helping streamline our operations while powering our growth and innovation efforts. By adopting Boomi's low-code, cloud-native platform, the business has been able to access data, applications and people in all new ways.

On a technology level, Disguise was having a hard time coordinating business processes across both our older legacy software and new cloud applications, the classic challenge of today's hybrid IT systems.

Valuable data was spread out across a variety of distributed systems managing sales, technical support, customer service and finance. Each contained different sets of completely siloed data. As a result, we had very poor visibility into our business activities and couldn't generate the insights we needed fast enough.

This led to significant strain on IT resources and created multiple business challenges. The current data we had available to us did not yield the actionable intelligence necessary to support our continued growth.

As we were rapidly expanding on a global scale, we were under pressure to react to this challenge. In just three years, Disguise has grown 30%-40% annually, increasing from  17 employees to 110 across five offices — with locations in New York, London, Shanghai, Hong Kong and California.

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Governing Our Data, Mastering Our Business

Another obstacle to growth was our data entry process, which was reliant on manual entry. This required extensive employee effort and drained resources from more strategic, business-building work.

It became evident that if we wanted to continue to be the industry leader, Disguise needed to modernize its core business processes.

With the goal of moving away from our chaotic IT systems, where data existed in silos and did not generate sufficient value, Disguise turned to Boomi to create a single version of the truth from our vast, disorganized data repositories.

To address our core operational needs, we knew we needed to migrate to new cloud applications. To help tie our business together across our existing and new cloud systems, we used Boomi’s Master Data Hub.

Master Data Hub governs data quality and orchestrates real-time processes for moving data among departments. This capability helped restore visibility and reduce troubleshooting across our organization.

With Boomi’s plug-and-play integration platform, we were able to put in place a modern infrastructure that allowed us to connect all existing applications, specifically Jira, NetSuite, Salesforce, financials, back-end technology and our website.

This allowed us to create a better view of our weekly sales pipeline, evaluate revenue projections and further streamline manual processes.

All this was made possible by the dashboard Boomi helped us create, from which we can view comprehensive, real-time insights into the status of our business.

Building a Foundation for Global Growth

For us at Disguise, the benefits of Boomi's integration platform go far beyond sales and operations.

Today, Disguise is underpinned by the rejuvenation of our work processes and an ease of performance that make the business simpler to run and more efficient, providing the foundation for our continued growth.

But we are just at the beginning of what Boomi can help our company do. We are now fusing financial information from our NetSuite and Salesforce systems together with non-financial information.

In the past, this was an incredibly difficult and laborious process. With Boomi, this can all be automated. With a touch of a button, we can have a bird’s-eye view over the business to guide projects and make decisions.

The move to streamline our processes with Boomi has made an enormous difference not only to our sales operations and business growth but has extended to all parts of the organization.

Now we are ready for the next stage of our digital evolution.

Find out more about how Boomi helped Disguise connect its entire business. Read the case study.
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About the Author

Paul Hunt is the chief finance officer at Disguise. He has wide international experience as a finance leader, with a strong commercial reputation for driving growth and change. As CFO, he is helping disguise transform at a fast pace to a best-in-class solutions provider for each of its end markets.