Boomi Launches the First iPaaS Platform Connector for Amazon EventBridge

May 11, 2020
Boomi Launches the First iPaaS Platform Connector for Amazon EventBridge
Boomi provides out-of-the-box support for Amazon EventBridge, offering event-driven architecture (EDA) solution for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Boomi customers

Chesterbrook, Pa. – May 11, 2020 – Boomi™, a Dell Technologies™ business, today announced an integration with Amazon EventBridge and the Boomi platform, expanding its support for Event Driven Architecture (EDA).  Amazon EventBridge is a serverless event bus that makes it easy to connect application data, integrated Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) services. As an AWS Partner Network (APN) Advanced Technology Partner and a leader in integration, Boomi is the first iPaaS provider to offer out-of-the-box support for Amazon EventBridge and provides additional connectivity and integration capabilities.

As a result of this new integration, customers can now use the Boomi Connector for Amazon EventBridge as a source for their Amazon EventBridge integrations. This will allow customers to easily connect their new and existing Boomi integrations to additional AWS services using Amazon EventBridge while also providing customers a seamless experience for connecting additional, external data sources, including SaaS and custom apps, as well as on-premises and Internet of Things (IoT) data sources. In addition, customers already using Amazon EventBridge will be able to leverage Boomi's unique solutions in their EDA use case, including:

  • Customer Support
  • Security Operations
  • Business Operations
  • Application Monitoring
  • Directory Registration
  • Customer Data Updates

Amazon EventBridge simplifies the building and management of event-driven applications by taking care of event ingestion and delivery, security, authorization, and error-handling for you. You can choose an event source on the Amazon EventBridge console and select a target from the list of AWS services and Amazon EventBridge will automatically deliver the events in real-time. The Boomi Connector for Amazon EventBridge allows you to send any number of events (data) to your AWS event buses through Amazon EventBridge that can then pass those events to target AWS services. The Boomi Connector for Amazon EventBridge uses AWS Identity and Access Management (AWS IAM) to authenticate users to AWS. Through this connector, you can use a Boomi Integration process to CREATE the events in JSON format.

“Organizations are increasingly demanding more and faster data integrations – and Event Driven Architecture is no exception,” said Steve Wood, Chief Product Officer, Boomi. “With Amazon EventBridge integration, customers are able to drag, drop and quickly deploy interactions with one of AWS's most integral services in the data movement and EDA space.”

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