Boomi Platform Providing Speed and Control for Enterprise Integration Developers

December 12, 2018
Boomi Platform Providing Speed and Control for Enterprise Integration Developers

Dell Boomi is well-known for its low-code integration development platform. Through our single-instance, multi-tenant cloud product — with a visual drag-and-drop UI and reusable components — integration developers as well as non-technical business users can quickly connect together all kinds of data and applications.

And there's plenty for everyone in the more than 100 new and enhanced features we've built into the Boomi platform during the last half year.

But what sometimes gets lost in the conversation is that Boomi also offers great support for handling complicated integration scenarios that might require custom code development.

Through the Boomi platform, you can build and govern all integrations across your entire hybrid infrastructure, from the simple to the complex.

Supporting Custom Integration Work

Boomi has always been about productivity. A recent study by Forrester found that Boomi helps IT staff complete integration projects 70 percent faster than they could with legacy integration tools.

But Boomi is also about control. So we continue to invest in providing more features for developers to code the "last mile" of connectivity. We know that's especially important for larger organizations with legacy systems and more specialized integration scenarios.

If you want granular control over what you build, you can "have your cake and eat it too" with Boomi. Boomi gives you the flexibility to take a configuration approach to many integrations with the support to code as needed. This is the best of both worlds that only Boomi can provide for integration architects and developers.

Here are some of the highlights of our recent enhancements to the Boomi platform that make it even easier for developers to custom code integration processes.

Improved code editor for JavaScript, Groovy and SQL scripts

We have significantly increased the size of our coding window. It features improved readability with a dark background and an easier to read font.

It’s also easier to enter code. The window shows line numbers, allows tabs, and performs syntax highlighting. It’s also easier to spot errors. For example, the code editor performs language-specific validation for JavaScript.

These improvements align the Boomi code editor with what developers expect from an integrated development environment (IDE). Now you can configure certain IDE settings such as font size, tab size, indent guides and active line highlight, as well as choose from a predetermined list of themes.

Scripting reusability and ease of use

The Scripting component feature now supports inline JavaScript and Groovy scripts. It provides reusability and makes use of the code editor improvements described above.

In developing a process, you often need to choose the same component multiple times. AtomSphere will now remember recently used components and show them at the top of the list. We estimate that this enhancement will save the average developer as much as 100 hours a year when searching for components.

Easier execution properties access

One big reason scripting was required for some use cases was the inability to access certain execution properties. To reduce the need for scripting, we have added many of these properties to the applicable parameter value screens.

For example, Account ID, Node ID, Atom ID, Execution ID, Number of Documents, Process ID and Process Name are available as new properties. These properties are generally useful for sending messages about the state of an execution or for making decisions in a process.

Extended Flow dashboard functionality

Organizations engaged in workflow automation and low-code application development using Boomi Flow can now get a 360-degree view of their workflows and their runtime status.

The Flow dashboard provides a broad view of Flow applications and their states. We've extended the dashboard functionality with more filters and visualizations, as well as enhancing the ability to export data about flows and flow states to CSV files.

The dashboard provides details such as the number of flows launched, the time taken to execute, execution progress, and errors. In addition, administrators can drill into any flow to find application-specific details, including who launched the flow and approval status.

Boomi: Revolutionary Integration Efficiency

Our latest enhancement to support "last mile" custom integration coding is just one aspect of how Boomi is bringing unprecedented speed and efficiencies to the full range of integration tasks.

Customers such as Moderna Therapeutics, Kelly-Moore Paints, Teachers Mutual Bank, Cornell University and more than 7,500 companies are using Boomi's cloud-native, low-code integration platform to greatly reduce project costs, speed IT responsiveness and drive digital transformation.

Contact our integration experts today to learn what Boomi can do for you!

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About the Author

Pragnya Paramita is a senior product marketing manager for Dell Boomi. She supports Boomi Flow, Boomi Master Data Hub and unified platform solutions.