Boomi Ranked a ‘Market Leader’ in New Ovum Report on Hybrid Integration

December 9, 2019
Boomi Ranked a ‘Market Leader’ in New Ovum Report on Hybrid Integration

Digital business has unleashed more applications, data, devices, services and APIs that IT needs to integrate and manage if it’s going to help the business swiftly achieve strategic objectives.

That’s driving demand for a unified cloud platform for hybrid integration with multi-purpose functionality that can handle diverse requirements. Those capabilities include data and application integration, API management and EDI (electronic data interchange) for trading partner transactions.

That trend has unfolded over the past four years, as Ovum, a global IT research and consulting firm, notes in its new report, "Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting a Cloud Platform for Hybrid Integration Vendor, 2019–20," an in-depth evaluation of 11 integration vendors.

In its study, Ovum ranks Boomi, a Dell Technologies business, as a “market leader” among 11 integration vendors evaluated. Boomi scored the highest marks in categories of 1) cloud integration/iPaaS and 2) scalability and enterprise fit, and ranked highly in other categories.

“Boomi has expanded the capabilities of its iPaaS to support a range of hybrid integration requirements beyond on-premise and SaaS application and data integration,” Ovum says. “It is impressive to see how Boomi’s integration platform has expanded from iPaaS and API-led integration to cover B2B/EDI integration and simple file transfer use cases.”

A Unified Platform for Diverse Scenarios

In effect, Boomi’s unified platform equips organizations to address increasingly complex integration and connectivity scenarios as they revamp enterprise integration strategies to pursue digital transformation and increase business agility.

As Ovum notes in its report:

  • Boomi has well-established credentials in the global iPaaS (integration platform as a service) market, with thousands of large and medium-size enterprise customers
  • Boomi’s recently introduced API gateway and developer portal support secure and scalable interactions with external parties, enhance API discoverability, and drive engagement across a broader API consumer base
  • Boomi B2B/EDI Management lets users build, deploy and manage both traditional EDI and newer web services in the cloud

In recent years, we’ve focused on building out our platform with robust capabilities to address growing needs for low-code, cloud-native integration, API management and B2B/EDI management, as well as workflow automation development and master data management.

We view Ovum’s "leader" rank for Boomi as a clear validation of our strategic evolution — as is rapid growth in our customer base, to more than 9,000 organizations, and our partners, at more than 580.

“On a comparative basis, Boomi offers a good feature-price value for enterprises of all sizes," Ovum says. “This is evident from its joint highest score for the ‘Scalability and enterprise fit’ criteria group.”

Eliminating Cost and Complexity of Custom Coding

Ovum’s study also highlights other characteristics that distinguish Boomi in the hybrid integration market:

  • Boomi’s iPaaS caters to the requirements of two key user personas: developers and integration practitioners, and less-skilled, non-technical users. Ovum's report advises: "IT leaders should consider ‘ease of use' for both integration practitioners and less-skilled, non-technical users (e.g., power users) when selecting integration platforms for a range of hybrid integration use cases.”
  • Boomi's "configuration-based” platform (also known as low-code development) eliminates the cost and complexity of writing code.
  • Boomi is arguably the first iPaaS vendor to utilize machine learning (ML), a subset of artificial intelligence. ML powers features including Boomi Resolve, Boomi Assure and Boomi Suggest, which exploits millions of indexed mappings from other users to recommend optimal mappings.
  • Boomi offers a faster iPaaS deployment option for Pivotal Kubernetes and Pivotal Application Services environments (PKS/PAS) available from the Pivotal Cloud Foundry marketplace.
  • Boomi Enterprise Innovation Services and Architectural Services provide integration services, advice from architecture experts, and support and resources, with the flexibility to customize to specific customer needs.

iPaaS Market to Grow 60% to $10.2 Billion

Market-leading capabilities in a hybrid integration platform are essential for IT leaders to meet integration challenges in our digital business age more quickly, easily and confidently.

“IT continues to struggle to meet new application and data integration requirements driven by digitalization and changing customer expectations,” Ovum’s report says. "Line-of-business (LOB) leaders are no longer willing to wait for months for the delivery of integration capabilities that are mission critical for specific business initiatives.”

Those struggles and business pressures are fueling rapid rise in cloud platforms for hybrid integration. Ovum analysts predict:

  • The global iPaaS market will grow at a 59.7 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) between 2018 and 2023, to $10.2 billion
  • The API platform market will grow at a 61.7 percent CAGR over the same timeframe, to $13.7 billion
  • Cloud-based hybrid integration will account for at least 50 percent of new spend on middleware by the end of 2019 (not counting upgrades or license renewals on existing on-premise middleware)

“Integration is the lifeblood of today’s digital economy,” Ovum states. “IT leaders realize the significant benefits cloud platforms for hybrid integration bring to the table in terms of greater agility in responding to business requirements and cost savings.”

Download your complimentary copy of the Ovum Decision Matrix for insights into the hybrid integration market and vendor evaluations that can help you select the best platform for your needs.

About the Author

Ranjana Haridas is the principal product marketing manager for the unified Boomi integration platform as a service (iPaaS).