Boomi World ’19 Recap: Showcasing Ecosystem Growth

October 8, 2019
Boomi World ’19 Recap: Showcasing Ecosystem Growth

Customers and partners from across all industries, in all corners of the world, are transforming their businesses with Boomi. And a record number were in attendance at this year's Boomi World, which took place October 1-3 in Washington, D.C.

If there’s one word that sums up Boomi World ’19, it’s growth. Boomi’s customer base is growing, its partner ecosystem is growing, and the Boomi Platform itself has become broader, more comprehensive and more cutting edge.

What other cloud software platform enables developers to rapidly connect applications in a multi-cloud environment, while taking advantage of low-code development, AI-powered guidance for data mapping and support for everything from SAP S/4HANA to Jenkins to conversational bots?

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Showcasing New Technology With Real-World Examples

The breadth of Boomi’s capabilities was showcased in demos on stage and in the conference's Connect Expo. A few examples:

  • Boomi Chief Marketing Officer Mandy Dhaliwal spoke in both English and Punjabi with an AI bot on her smartphone, checking the status of her hiring pipeline and instructing an HR application to finish the onboarding process for a new employee.
  • A robotic arm equipped with a 3D vision camera located a tennis ball, picked it up and threw it in the direction indicated by a workflow application.
  • A camera took a picture of a license plate and issued a query to an event broker to retrieve ownership and registration information, demonstrating a capability that could save law enforcement agents valuable time.

And here’s the Boomi technology “under the hood” of these demos:

  • Conversational AI – a new capability Boomi is offering in concert with Accenture – brings the power of the Boomi Platform for workflow automation into the realm of quick and easy voice commands. Accenture’s conversational AI capabilities support multiple accents and multiple languages, making voice technology applicable to more use cases and markets than ever before.
  • Controlling a robotic arm brings Boomi into the world of robotic automation and shows that Boomi Flow can be used for more than routing documents and workflow automation for white-collar employees (although it’s great for those things, too).
  • Querying a real-time event broker like Solace PubSub+ brings Boomi into the world of Event-Driven Architecture, a new capability that Boomi Chief Product Officer Steve Wood announced during his Thursday morning keynote speech.

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The Boomi Platform Does It All

It's clear from the examples above — and the stories shared by Boomi customers at Boomi World '19 — that the Boomi Platform, while lauded as the best integration platform as a service (iPaaS) on the market, is capable of solving problems far beyond simple integration.

From adding real-time listeners to the platform to receiving FedRAMP authorization in just 5 months to helping businesses track their operations and identify possible data privacy violations, Boomi is helping organizations achieve their digital transformation goals.

Today, Boomi is solving EDI problems for customers like It’s helping automate self-service diagnostics for customers of telecommunications giant Sky. And it’s helping The Leading Hotels of the World to affordably modernize infrastructure to provide world-class service at boutique hotels and properties around the world. And more customers are adopting the Boomi Platform every day.

Watch short video interviews from Boomi World '19 with Boomi partners and customers including, Sky, The Leading Hotels of the World and more on Solutions Review.

Learning From the Wisdom of Crowds

Since Boomi World '18, just eleven months ago, Boomi has added more than 1,500 new customers — for a total of over 9,000. It has also expanded its partner network to 580 partners. The more the Boomi ecosystem grows, the more every member benefits. The combined power of the Boomi Platform and the Boomiverse gives Boomi users a unique advantage: access to crowd-sourced knowledge.

The Boomiverse

Through Boomi’s online community for learning, resources and knowledge sharing, customers have access to the wisdom of other Boomi users as well as training resources. All Boomi customers have free access to the Boomiverse, which was launched at Boomi World '19 by astronaut "B" (pictured right), and tens of thousands of active Boomi customers and partners regularly share their expertise and assistance.

Cloud-Native Intelligence

The Boomi Platform’s built-in suggestion engine draws on over 30 TB of anonymous metadata from the integrations and data transformations of other Boomi customers. Every time a customer builds something new, the Boomi community becomes a little bit smarter, thanks to the intelligence available through the Boomi Platform.

Recognizing Customer and Partner Achievements

On Thursday, October 3, the company presented its annual Customer Excellence Awards. The awards honor remarkable achievements, assessing Boomi implementations based on criteria such as transformational impact, creativity and innovation, scope and complexity, and environmental or social impact. Here are the categories and their winners:

  • ROI – Anglicare Southern Queensland
  • Emerging Technologies – University of Melbourne
  • Innovator – Orix Australia
  • Change Agent
  • APJ – Flinders University
  • EMEA – Jacobs Douwe Egberts (JDE)
  • North America – Gilead Sciences
  • Philanthropy – American Cancer Society

Boomi Worldwide Partner Excellence Award Winner — Slalom

The Boomi ecosystem of partners helps customers make the most of the unified Boomi Platform.  During the Partner Summit on Tuesday, October 1, recognition was given for outstanding achievements. Boomi 2019 Partner Award winners include:

  • Worldwide Partner of the Year – Accenture
  • Worldwide Partner Excellence Award – Slalom
  • Innovation Partner of the Year – Deloitte
  • North American Partner of the Year – Eide Bailly
  • EMEA Partner of the Year – Digia
  • APJ Partner of the Year – RXP
  • Embedded Partner of the Year – ADP
  • Alliance Partner of the Year – Oracle NetSuite

Boomi World '19 clearly demonstrated the power of the Boomi Platform — and the power of the Boomi community. No matter where your transformation journey may take you, Boomi will be there to help you connect everything, run anywhere and engage everywhere.

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