BRANZ Centralises Data Analytics with Boomi Integration

June 11, 2018
BRANZ Centralises Data Analytics with Boomi Integration

New Zealand-based construction research firm deploys iPaaS to streamline management of 60,000 customer records

Sydney, Australia – June 12, 2018Dell Boomi

(Boomi) has announced that BRANZ has deployed the Boomi integration platform to centralise operational and client data across the organisation. The implementation is a core component of a strategic initiative to create greater visibility across its services for customers.

BRANZ is a New Zealand-based independent research, testing and consulting firm focused on the construction industry. With more than 60,000 client records, BRANZ required a simple means of connecting this plethora of data which is generated as part of its services. This includes data from Salesforce and Microsoft NAV, as well as the series of bespoke applications it relies on.

“We went through a process of identifying operational pain points, and found that while we have all the right applications in place, we couldn’t always use them consistently to drive key business decisions due to disparity in data,” said Dr. Chris Litten, General Manager of Industry Research at BRANZ. “This inhibited our ability to engage with customers proactively.”

BRANZ’s multifaceted operation relies on extensive data analytics to determine, for example, how a building would perform in a fire, what would happen to indoor air quality should windows be closed for prolonged periods, and a multitude of other factors. This is combined with detailed evaluations of how the construction sector is performing, giving clients a holistic service.

Using Boomi integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), BRANZ will be able to ensure this data is readily available, accurate and up to date across all systems. With Boomi’s cloud-native integration platform, these connections will run in the cloud.

“The benefit of using cloud services is we can focus on our core business of supporting the construction industry through independent and impartial research and consultancy services, rather than trying to build and maintain an on-premises IT environment,” said Dr. Litten.

"Boomi is simple to use and enables all our systems to work seamlessly together," he adds. "This means our project managers can focus on the work they need to do, and without worrying about how the IT systems are working together."

Full visibility over its project data will make BRANZ more efficient in the way it manages projects, and allow it to be more proactive with customers no matter how many projects it has running concurrently. As a result, BRANZ will be supported to maintain its impartiality, independence and trusted reputation within the New Zealand construction industry, which is of critical importance for the organisation.

BRANZ’s project was driven by Davanti, a New Zealand-based business and technology consultancy.

Cormac O’Reilly, Senior Business Manager at Davanti, said, “We were appointed to work with BRANZ on a user-centred project to deliver a CRM platform, and as part of this we needed an integration partner. Our criteria focused identifying a technology platform that is easy to configure, and one that would provide comprehensive connections with Salesforce.”

According to O’Reilly, Boomi was selected over competing solutions in the market due to its scalability and ease of use, customer service, and cloud-based feature set which will support the ongoing growth of BRANZ.

“Builders and architects rely on BRANZ independent research to make key business decisions around design and construction – if this data is out of date, there can be significant delays to or malfunctions within a build,” said Michael Evans, Managing Director, Asia-Pacific and Japan, at Dell Boomi. “With Boomi synchronising its apps in the cloud, BRANZ can focus on delivering granular insights to its clients with confidence that the data being used is accurate and contains all the right information to deliver its services.”

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