British Media Company Sky Realizes Massive ROI With Boomi

December 10, 2019
British Media Company Sky Realizes Massive ROI With Boomi

British telecommunications provider Sky has transformed how it handles customer service issues by using Boomi as an “intelligent black box” powering a self-service application that lets customers troubleshoot and resolve broadband or talk problems.

The digital-first innovation won Sky the 2019 UK National Technology Award for Best Enterprise Project, and it’s no wonder: The return on investment (ROI) that Sky realized with its Boomi-powered system is phenomenal.

Check out our infographic for a summary of what Sky has achieved, including:

  • £6 million in savings in the first year through less call center agent time, fewer engineer service appointments and less replacement hardware
  • 40% decrease in support service costs
  • 69% increase in digital-first customer engagement
  • 75% faster repair times
  • 20% reduction in repeat faults
  • 55,000 customer service engagements per day
  • 190,000 unique customer users per week
  • 10 point gain in net promoter score
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Eliminating Wasted Time and Frustration

It’s a wholesale transformation for Sky and its 24 million customers that’s eliminated wasted time, needless cost and frustration. Previously, customers with a service issue would need to call Sky’s tech support team. That team had 21 tools that could be used to run checks on the customer’s account, line and broadband router.

"With a staggering 700 different journeys which an agent could follow through to the troubleshooting process, these steps were leading to lengthy customer calls and inconsistent agent recommendations, resulting in frustrated agents and customers annoyed with inefficient processes,” as Sky officials explained in its UK National Technology Award application.

To address the problem, Sky designed an application called Future Assurance View (FAV) that would let customers check the health of their broadband or talk services either online or through a mobile app. It deployed Boomi as the "brains" that powers the system.

Enhancing Customer Experience With Self-Service

Boomi collects live data from customer equipment, diagnostic applications and business systems. Then it applies configurable business rules and logic, and responds with a simple API. Customers are presented with recommendations on how to solve their issue.

“This data-driven approach can provide simple and easy-to-understand results, despite combining many complex diagnostics and data sources, allowing most customer issues to be resolved using a self-service approach,” Sky officials said in its award application.

As Ramish Imran, Sky assurance workflow analyst, says in this brief video: “We use Boomi as an intelligent black box. It's data-driven, it logs every fault, cause and resolution, and we use it to drive innovation."

Besides improving customer service, the Boomi-powered FAV has simplified the tools the tech support team uses into a single platform. And it gives customers the choice of whether they would like to use FAV or traditional phone tech support.

View our infographic to learn more about Sky’s remarkable success and ROI.
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