Business Transformation Takes Center Stage at Dell Technologies Forum

January 21, 2019
Business Transformation Takes Center Stage at Dell Technologies Forum

The San Francisco Dell Technologies Forum was held this past Wednesday, Jan. 16. The free, day-long event capped a six-month-long tour that spanned 80 cities in six continents around the globe.

The series of events provided customers the opportunity to talk technology and business with leaders from all segments of Dell Technologies, which encompasses Boomi, Dell, DellEMC, Pivotal, RSA, SecureWorks, Virtustream and VMware.

With more than 140,000 employees in 180 countries, and more than $80 billion in combined revenue, Dell Technologies is the largest privately held technology company in the world and partners with 99 percent of the Fortune 500.

At the Forum, leaders from across Dell Technologies spoke about ways that the company addresses the four major areas of transformation businesses need today: digital, IT, workforce and security.

Better Together

Throughout the Forum, the theme of Dell Technologies being better together — delivering more comprehensive and effective technologies and services for its customers — was stressed. And that's backed up by the numbers.

At Boomi, we are proud to be a part of the Dell Technologies ecosystem. We’re also proud of our own successes: Boomi now has more than 8,500 customers, 64,000 users and 350 partners engaged in more than 1,000 projects around the globe. And we have consistently been named a leader in the integration platform as a service (iPaaS) category by leading industry analyst firms.

We believe in taking the better together message one step further. Not only does our technology complement that of the other Dell Technologies family members, allowing you to transform your business from end-to-end, we're also better when we work with you, our customers and partners.

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Building the Connected Business

In a “fireside chat” at Boomi World 2018, Dell Technologies chairman and CEO Michael Dell said that he hasn’t yet found an organization that doesn’t need Boomi. And at the San Francisco Dell Tech Forum, attendees had a chance to hear and see why.

Digital transformation begins with data, and bringing data together requires integration. To quickly build, deploy and scale, you need a low-code development platform. But transformation goes beyond data. It includes the entire end-to-end workflow — technology, process and people.

Boomi — and our ability to help companies become connected businesses — was represented throughout the event, from the Solutions Expo to the breakout sessions.

Global alliance director Ben Schreiner expanded on Boomi’s message in a breakout session on “Building The Connected Business,” which helped introduce Boomi to Dell Technologies customers who were not familiar with our cloud-native, low-code integration platform.

Schreiner stressed the importance of creating a new engagement model to address the needs of today’s increasingly digital world, saying that to stay competitive, organizations must be able to provide customer experiences that are tailored, personal and inclusive of all aspects of the relationship.

Hybrid IT is Here To Stay

Boomi CEO Chris McNabb played a central role in a Dell Technologies executive panel alongside Patricia Florissi, Dell EMC’s global chief technology officer for sales and distinguished engineers, Ray O’Farrell, VMware’s CTO, and Bob Page, a vice president of sales at Dell EMC.

McNabb acknowledges that it can be hard to describe business transformation, as there is no single consistent definition. But there is a clear need to define it for your organization and make sure you succeed in transitioning to the new ways of the cloud and digital operations.

“Digital transformation and IT transformation are defined differently by everyone — but you know it when you see it,” he said, adding “When people say they’re cloud-first, that doesn’t mean they are 100 percent cloud. We believe that the hybrid IT environment is going to stay around for a long time.”

McNabb also talked about the need for companies to find strategies for their businesses that will allow them to thrive, not just survive, in hybrid IT ecosystems. He gave a concrete, close-to-home example of how disconnected, legacy systems can impact a business — in this case, his own.

We Recommend It Because We Use It

A few years ago, Boomi had a problem, McNabb explained. As far as problems go, it was a good one: the company was growing 65 percent year over year. However, the accelerated growth quickly outstripped the ability of the employee onboarding systems.

Onboarding a new employee required 30 to 40 steps, manual processes and duplication of effort. This slow and painful workflow resulted in a net promoter score (NPS) of -72 for Boomi's onboarding process from new hires.

For an integration company, this issue was something that could be addressed — and made repeatable. In just a few months, Boomi built a new Onboarding Solution Accelerator.

Using the Accelerator in combination with VMware for device management, Boomi was able to integrate all key applications and data to streamline and automate workflows. With the new, streamlined system, processes that used to take 45 days took a single email. The 30 steps became one. And within eight months, Boomi's onboarding NPS was up to +90.

Whether you need our integration cloud, or hardware, cloud services, virtualization, servers, storage and other technology offerings from Dell Technologies, we’re here to help — because together, we’re better.

For more information about Boomi’s unified integration platform and how it makes your Dell investments even better together, contact one of our Boomi integration experts today.

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