Cloud Integration for Your Digital Future

May 14, 2019
Cloud Integration for Your Digital Future

One thing is clear from the many conversations I have with business leaders and industry experts: Low-code, cloud-native integration has become the foundation for managing the flow of data in today's hybrid, IT infrastructures.

And here’s why. Businesses depend on the ability to get information when and where it’s needed, interacting with their customers, partners or inside their organizations. Data is the fuel for the rocket ship that is organizational transformation.

But in today's computing environments, data could be just about anywhere: in the cloud, on-premise, behind firewalls, in external systems, or on mobile or IoT devices out on the edge.

The great news is that Dell Technologies has the industry's best platform to support this growing need: Boomi. Boomi quickly and easily unites everything in your digital ecosystem so you can achieve better business outcomes, faster.

Boomi’s intelligent, flexible and scalable platform accelerates your business improvements by linking together your data, systems, applications, processes and people.

Boomi is the modern integration layer that can supercharge your transformation efforts by unlocking data for your employees, customers and partners. With Boomi, Dell Technologies can better help support any of your IT, workforce, security or application transformation initiatives.

Your Team for any Integration Challenge

But some folks might not know that Boomi is part of the Dell Technologies family of companies or exactly why that matters. And we need to fix that.

It’s important to know that Boomi is part of Dell Technologies for a few reasons.

Long-Term Partnership

As a Fortune 100 company with a peerless 30-year history of business and technology excellence, Dell is a company that has shown outstanding consistency and now leads the new digital era.

While other integration vendors are shutting down or being acquired, Boomi is part of Dell’s long-term strategy to provide a comprehensive portfolio of technologies for building your connected business. We aren’t going anywhere. Enough said.

Any Scale

The Boomi platform and Dell Technologies can address the full spectrum of infrastructure and integration needs to unify your digital ecosystem. Dell’s technology portfolio helps you build and run your hybrid IT systems. Boomi ties it all together...unified, fast and agile.

Together we help the world’s largest, global companies connect their sprawling organizations. And we help today’s most successful start-ups stay ahead of their rapid growth with streamlined processes and automated workflows.


This is key. Dell Technologies is not in the application business. We are software agnostic. As a result, Boomi can focus on supporting virtually any application and data integration scenario equally.

We don’t have to play favorites. Our parent company doesn’t own software suites we need to support in our product roadmap. That frees Boomi to focus on the most pressing needs of our customers to help their businesses run faster, smarter and better.


We believe our unified platform is a key differentiator for us — one development environment requiring one skillset to address the full diversity of integration challenges, from connecting data sources and building golden records, to creating APIs and rolling out trading partner networks. Economies of skill at its best.

Like Boomi, Dell Technologies provides a unified offering. It has all the parts in place to help you drive your entire cloud strategy. You get Dell best-in-class hardware, VMware virtualization, Pivotal app development, Virtustream infrastructure services, and RSA security, among many other capabilities.

There’s a lot that goes into creating a modern hybrid IT infrastructure. With Dell Technologies, you get that all under one roof, topped off by a unified integration platform that ties everything together.

Contact us today to learn more about how Boomi and Dell Technologies can unify your cloud strategy.

Dell + Boomi: Unifying Your Business

Okay. Now that you know how Dell Technologies makes Boomi even better, here’s how Boomi’s low-code, cloud-native integration platform makes Dell Technologies even better.

Integration Is a Competitive Must and Game-Changer

If you’re not talking integration, you need to be. In the next few years, every company will invest in a modern middleware technology. The question is, “Who Will Have a Winning Strategy?”

Modern integration is a game-changer. If you get it right, your business will gain another gear.

And with Dell and Boomi, you have something the competition doesn’t have. No other integration platform sits in the center of such a strong portfolio of technologies for building digital enterprises.

Integration is an enabler and multiplier for your IT investments with Dell Technologies to drive modernization and transformation initiatives. Together, we help your organization become far more agile and real-time.

Integration Brings IT Closer to the Business

Data is what businesses care about, and Boomi delivers that data.

Boomi moves the conversation beyond hardware and infrastructure to business applications and business processes. And that helps Dell customers focus on what matters: breaking down silos and delivering data where and when it is needed.

With Boomi and Dell, instead of talking about cost-savings, IT folks can deliver the data that the organization needs, right to its doorstep to drive innovation for new strategies, business models and revenue streams.

Boomi + Dell helps IT say "Yes!" to the business and helps your organization say "Yes!" to its customers.

Integration Makes Emerging Technologies Real

You've heard all about them: artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain and the IoT. Businesses are well aware of these emerging technologies and are trying to figure out how to make use of them. Certainly, most of these will only grow in importance and, ultimately, create demands on your hybrid infrastructure.

Dell provides the compute power, virtualized infrastructure, security, rapid application development and other capabilities to support these new technologies. And each of these technologies will need to be integrated into enterprise systems. Boomi makes that possible.

Dell Technologies, including Boomi and VMware, is part of BlockLab. Boomi is also doing great stuff for the IoT with partners like Alleantia. If you are wondering how to turn emerging tech into a competitive advantage, we’ve got answers for you.

Technology Partners for Your Digital Future

Whether you need to connect, modernize, transform or innovate (or all four!), Boomi and Dell Technologies have you covered.

Send your resident technology officer our way. We would love to talk. Boomi and the Dell Technologies family of companies can help you unite your digital enterprise, bringing unprecedented speed and agility to your organization.

Contact us today to learn more about how Boomi and Dell Technologies can unify your cloud strategy.

About the Author

Will Corkery is Dell Boomi's senior vice president, global sales and business development.