Dell Technologies and Boomi: Driving Organizational Transformation

February 15, 2019
Dell Technologies and Boomi: Driving Organizational Transformation

Creative abrasion. Reverse mentoring. Embracing failure to spur innovation.

As we approach the third decade of the 21st century, there’s a new business lexicon developing to describe what businesses must do to survive and thrive.

And, there’s a renewed focus on what "business transformation” means at a time when it’s obvious that fast-changing digital technologies can be simultaneously disruptive to and supportive of these efforts.

Blurring the Lines Between Industries

In its dual role as disrupter and supporter of business transformation, technology blurs the lines between industries, giving rise to new threats from unforeseen competitors and creating unexpected partnerships.

Telecommunications companies offer financial services. Technology firms build cars. And retailers provide healthcare. Business leaders must be willing to shake up their business models and build partnerships across industries to access new customers and remain competitive.

Of course, morphing and merging industries doesn’t come without risk, so what types of business transformation initiatives can make a tangible difference in the way your company navigates the next decade and beyond? In this post, we’ll look at three: digital, workforce and IT transformation.

Together, Boomi and Dell Technologies can help you drive digital transformation for your organization.

Digital Transformation Isn’t the New Normal. It’s the New Mandatory.

Digital transformation creates new, digitally-driven business models that deliver innovation to employees, customers and partners. Digital transformation, or "DX," means better, more-innovative products and services, delivered faster.

A digitally-driven model of constant improvement from idea-to-product-to-market has outpaced older ways of working. That’s digital transformation, and with Boomi, Dell Technologies can help you get there.

Digital transformation should connect every aspect of a business: people, processes, applications, data and devices. Dell Boomi provides a low-code, cloud-native platform for the connected business.

Our integration cloud helps businesses connect everything and engage everywhere — removing complexity while scaling to handle billions of transactions and business processes a day.

Don’t Follow Today’s Workforce Transformation. Lead It.

Today, people use the most advanced technology to get things done and stay connected in their personal lives. And they expect no less at work. In fact, they expect better.

With Boomi as part of the Dell Technologies family, you can give employees the capabilities they need and the experience they want — without overtaxing IT staff.

To grow and thrive, businesses must operate with speed, agility and insight — not just in the marketplace but inside the extended enterprise. That means connecting employees with the hardware, software and support they need to not only do their jobs, but to excel.

With the Boomi integration platform as a service (iPaaS) and Boomi Flow, organizations can create hyperconnected, frictionless onboarding, offboarding, and other processes that ease the transition from applicant and candidate to team member. Boomi helps support employees throughout their careers with timely, useful information and apps they can use to manage their jobs.

Learn how Boomi can help you revolutionize workforce management.

IT Transformation: New Approaches to Hybrid IT

With Boomi, you can modernize your infrastructure and platforms to increase efficiency and simplify management. We make true automation possible — orchestrating service delivery, increasing speed and lowering risk.

Often when the technology conversation turns to IT transformation, the focus is on hardware infrastructure; more reliable, higher bandwidth network components; faster servers; and improved storage that lowers data center TCO.

But real IT transformation doesn’t stop there. On that physical infrastructure resides data and applications, which run not only the business of the broader enterprise but the business of IT.

Refreshing physical infrastructure while trying to manage the technology debt of legacy integrations, application data silos and broken processes will not deliver IT transformation.

With the Boomi integration cloud and Flow, organizations can create hyperconnected, frictionless business and IT processes that make the most of best-in-class physical infrastructure built by Dell.

Boomi is helping companies reinvent IT to drive digital transformation. Find out how.

There Is No Business Transformation Without Data and Application Integration

An undeniable component of any form of business transformation is speed. So, when it comes to application and data integration, businesses can't spend months on projects. Old school, hand-coded integration is way too slow and too brittle, leaving companies unable to quickly roll out new services and evolve their hybrid IT infrastructure.

Boomi changes all that. Our distributed, cloud-native architecture and drag-and-drop development radically reduce the complexity of integrating cloud and on-premise applications across your organization. Easily combine and consolidate your data as you transform and build your connected business.

Helping Companies at Every Stage of Their Transformation Journey

Although it’s often overlooked, organizations vary in their readiness to adopt transformation strategies and technologies. Nevertheless, whether it’s integrating two business-critical applications or uniting an entire portfolio of cloud-based, on-premise and third-party systems, Boomi can help.

As competitive pressure forces IT and business to move from monolithic data infrastructures to more flexible architectures and microservices, Job One is in addressing stove-piped applications and data so they can connect across complex business processes. That’s Boomi’s sweet spot.

If you don’t have an integration strategy that considers legacy systems as well as cloud-native — or serverless — systems, your applications can’t communicate and your business processes will grind to a halt.

Boomi ensures that applications can talk to each other and makes it possible to bring far greater automation to your organization. You can easily connect together your new cloud components, as well as tying your cloud infrastructure to your older on-premise systems.

With Boomi and Dell Technologies, IT and business can work together to support innovation and drive organizational transformation.

For more information on how Boomi’s unified platform can help you make the most of your Dell infrastructure, contact our Boomi integration experts today.

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Ben Schreiner is Boomi's global alliance director for Dell Technologies.