Do You Have a Digital Transformation Story to Tell?

January 9, 2019
Do You Have a Digital Transformation Story to Tell?

We launched the Boomi Blue Challenge at Boomi World in Las Vegas on November 6th, 2018 to hear from our customers about how they are using Boomi to drive their digital transformation initiatives.

So, to get the ball rolling, we’ll tell a story of our own.

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Growing Pains

In the fall of 2015, Boomi had only 150 employees, but we were growing fast. In the next three years, our global workforce ballooned to nearly 700 employees — an increase of well over 300 percent. We were hiring 10 to 20 new employees per week.

Boomi’s existing employee onboarding tools and processes could not keep up. Hiring and supervisory managers faced a mountain of labor-intensive manual processes to bring on new employees. Emails, spreadsheets and data entry tasks consumed valuable time that hurt productivity.

Plus, nearly three-quarters of new hires didn’t have a provisioned laptop ready for their first day on the job. It took an average of 92 days before they had access to key applications and information. Obviously, that wasn't even close to being good enough.

A New Way to Onboard

All that has changed since Boomi turned to its own Onboarding Solution Accelerator to streamline and automate our onboarding processes.

An offering for Boomi customers, the Onboarding Solution Accelerator proved its worth in an essential project on Boomi’s own turf. Dogfood never tasted so good.

With the Boomi platform as its foundation, the Onboarding Solution Accelerator combines Boomi Integrate and Boomi Flow capabilities in a package of connectors, services, templates and tools.

Thanks to the Solution Accelerator, Boomi integrated critical applications and workflows for bringing on new personnel quickly and easily. As a result, the company has virtually eliminated the time-consuming and inefficient manual processes that had ground Boomi’s onboarding process to a virtual halt.

Today, roughly 98 percent of new Boomi hires have a provisioned laptop on Day One, as well as near immediate access to all needed applications. Gone is the painful three-month delay.

Learn more about Boomi's onboarding transformation story. Read the case study.

Tell Us Your Story. Enter Today!

Now it’s your turn. Tell us about your transformation story. Then describe how you gained a competitive advantage by using Boomi and cloud-native, low-code integration to help your organization run better, smarter and faster. But hurry, the Boomi Blue Challenge call for entries closes February 15!

To enter the Boomi Blue Challenge:

  • Be a current Boomi partner or customer
  • Identify your primary project leader
  • Describe how your organization uses Boomi to create organizational transformation

Our Boomi Blue Challenge executive committee will review all submissions and make an announcement of the winners through our social media platforms and website on February 25th, 2019.

Questions? Please email us at We look forward to learning about your transformation efforts with Boomi!
Sign up for the Boomi Blue Challenge today! Tell us your transformation story and win a trip to Boomi World London.

About the Author

Charles Waltner is the head of content marketing for Dell Boomi.