Empowering Customers for the API Economy

October 3, 2019
Empowering Customers for the API Economy

So you’ve integrated your data across a range of third-party applications. Now, how do you make that data available in a scalable, secure fashion? The answer is simple: Boomi API Management.

In today’s API economy, APIs are gold. They make it easier to integrate and connect everything — from data and applications to devices, locations and people. And, they make it easier and faster for businesses to create new products, services and even business models. To remain competitive, APIs (and the seamless integrations they provide) are a must-have.

Boomi, a Dell Technologies business, has always approached API management from the perspective of providing a seamless experience and easy access to data, extending the same flexible, configuration-based functionality we offer throughout the Boomi integration platform as a service (iPaaS).

Boomi API Management lets you run anywhere — behind your firewall, in the cloud, out on the edge for the internet of things (IoT) or anywhere else — revolutionizing the way you engage with data.

Customers like Amadeus, EMC Insurance, Covetrus, OHSU and University of Melbourne are already using Boomi API Management. Find out how they and more than 9,000 others "Win with Boomi."

Boomi API Management

Boomi’s API management capabilities deliver ease of use and fast time to value. Customers can quickly create proxy APIs with the requisite security, governance and scalability needed to safely and securely extend the reach of their business engagement.

As announced at Boomi World today, we've enhanced three key areas of Boomi API Management to make engaging across your entire ecosystem of customers, partners and internal business units even easier.

Developer Portal

The API Developer Portal provides an engagement mechanism to more effectively share published APIs with application developers who may be internal or external to your organization. Furthermore, the Developer Portal empowers organizations to better manage the interactions with their API consumers by enabling application developers to self-register their applications, discover available APIs and subscribe to them.

API Proxy

Boomi’s API Proxy provides an abstracted interface to APIs created outside of our platform. The API Proxy extends the reach of Boomi API Management to allow for the centralized governance of APIs created both within and outside of the Boomi Platform.

API Gateway

Boomi’s API Gateway delivers the security and scalability organizations need by protecting the execution of APIs. With the API Gateway acting as the intermediary for incoming API requests, customers have increased flexibility in routing of incoming requests as well as enhanced protection/governance capabilities.

And because it foundationally leverages the Boomi Atom runtime engine, the Boomi API Gateway is flexible and robust enough for governing external APIs or internal microservice use cases that require a lightweight architecture.

API-Enabling Everything

Boomi helps organizations API-enable everything: every application, every device, every person, every business. Customers like Amadeus, EMC Insurance, Covetrus, OHSU and University of Melbourne are already using Boomi API Management, along with other capabilities in the Boomi Platform, to transform their organizations, services and products.

In addition to API design and management, the unified Boomi Platform includes application and data integration, data governance, B2B/EDI management, app development and workflow automation. With Boomi, organizations can confidently and securely leverage their data with the scalability needed to thrive in today’s API economy.

For more information on how Boomi API Management and the Boomi Platform can help your business connect everything, everywhere, contact a Boomi integration expert today.

About the Author

Rahul Agarwal is Boomi's product manager for API Management.