EPA Victoria Leverages Boomi for IoT-Driven Environmental Sustainability

July 30, 2018
EPA Victoria Leverages Boomi for IoT-Driven Environmental Sustainability

iPaaS to streamline data analytics to capitalise on native and third-party data from sensors, drones and satellite imagery

Sydney, Australia – July 31, 2018Dell Boomi

(Boomi) has announced that Environment Protection Authority of Victoria (EPA) will use the Boomi integration platform to synchronise its full IT transformation. Using Boomi, EPA will streamline its cloud-first strategy, enabling it to capitalise on the Internet of Things (IoT) by incorporating data from sensors, drones and satellites.

EPA is Victoria’s environmental regulator, and its purpose is to prevent and reduce harm from pollution and waste. Following an Independent Inquiry into its role and powers, and the Victorian Government’s support for the Inquiry’s recommendations, EPA initiated a complete overhaul of its IT systems to establish digital data and analytics capabilities. In 2017 EPA kickstarted its transition to a cloud-first strategy, implementing a series of new, best-in-breed applications to succeed its outdated ‘all-in-one’ environment.

EPA’s IT transformation is part of a comprehensive $182.4 million investment from the Victorian Government to transform EPA into a world-class regulator equipped to address current and future challenges.

“We identified the need to move to a more responsive, scalable and modern technology base – an environment built on a series of fit-for-purpose systems that address the needs of individual functions within the business, with data stored in the cloud,” said Chris Moon, EPA's Chief Information Officer (CIO).

“However," he added, "with the shift to a cloud-first, fit-for-purpose model underway, it became increasingly apparent we needed an efficient connecting mechanism so we could develop a single, common understanding of what is happening across the entire organisation despite that data coming from various systems and processes.”

The Boomi integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) will replace a series of bespoke, on-premises middleware connectors to allow EPA to scale as required without straining IT resources. The Boomi platform has a low-code architecture, making it easy to implement and manage integrations, even in the most complex and dispersed IT environments.

“With Boomi we will be able to connect a vast number of systems into our customer relationship management (CRM) and human resources (HR) platforms, and therefore exchange data accurately and rapidly with government departments, emergency services and other parties we rely on,” said Moon.

When organisations are deploying smart lampposts or putting sensors into their buildings, for example, EPA will be able to combine data generated by these devices with satellite and drone feeds by using Boomi to build a holistic picture of the state of the environment in Victoria. With this extensive visibility, the organisation will be able to assess hazards and develop the most appropriate solutions, such as waste removal strategies in the case of spills, or tailored advice to land managers and local councils.

“Boomi gives us the technical foundation to support our organisation’s transformation. Its cloud-native architecture will let us respond quickly to incidents that impact our business and the state,” Moon said. “This will help us get on the front foot and become more proactive in the decisions we make for the benefit of the environment and all the Victorians who live in or engage with it.”

“It will also give us the reliability and redundancy we need to ensure our various geographically-isolated systems can cope when environmental issues arise, where it’s from natural disaster or suspicious causes,” he added.

Michael Evans, Managing Director Asia-Pacific and Japan (APJ) at Dell Boomi, said, “EPA is at the start of a long-term and large-scale transformation that will completely revolutionise the way it manages data, and consequently the environment. By migrating to the cloud-based Boomi platform, it will have a linking mechanism that operates with the same speed and reliability as its modernised IT environment, and its IoT objectives. This provides EPA with the flexibility to continuously expand its data analytics capabilities by integrating data reliably across its organisation.”

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