Fred Hollows Foundation Connects Cloud & People Data With Boomi Integration

February 7, 2018
Fred Hollows Foundation Connects Cloud & People Data With Boomi Integration

International charity implements iPaaS to align critical data and boost operational efficiency

Sydney, Australia – February 7, 2018Dell Boomi

(Boomi) has announced that The Fred Hollows Foundation is using the Boomi platform to boost its international operation by optimising the ‘people data’ at the core of its global business.

The Fred Hollows Foundation is a charity working to eliminate avoidable blindness in more than 25 countries. It has already restored sight to more than 2 million people. To boost the efficiency of its operations, The Foundation needed cloud-based integration to align to its 100 per cent cloud model, and therefore provide it with greater control over and access to critical data.

“Data is central to an organisation like ours," said Luke Van Leeuwen, Associate Director of Technology and Business Services, at The Fred Hollows Foundation. "The Foundation relies on it to make business decisions, better understand the demographics and needs of patient groups, and ultimately allow us to build health system capacity around the world.”

“To make better use of our data, we have moved legacy applications from in-house servers to private and now to public cloud environments combined with a Software as a Service (SaaS) first policy for new applications," he added. "But stitching this type of hybrid environment together is a major challenge when you consider the variety of clouds and SaaS applications that don’t necessarily connect very easily. Boomi helped us overcome this hurdle, ensuring that data is synchronised across our applications, no matter where they are accessed from.”

Using the Boomi integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), The Foundation has seamlessly connected its human resources (HR) platform – which underpins its people data – with other systems such as Active Directory, email, File Services and workflows in real time. This connected environment ensures that employees located in different parts of the world,  particularly those in remote areas, remain resourced to perform their time-sensitive jobs with the correct information at hand. Boomi is also integral to The Foundation’s new project- and program-management system, which will provide and consume data including people, health metrics, project performance and financial metrics, and purchasing data connecting at least five  technical systems.

With a connected-data environment, The Foundation can collect insights into organisational KPIs, including the number of cataract operations performed, the demographic of patients, and demand in different locations. This level of reporting enabled by the Boomi platform aids The Foundation in making key operational decisions. For example, the data will inform the organisation of trends such as surgery backlogs, training needs and other critical leading indicators.

Boomi has also provided The Foundation with automated citizen integration to ensure that its operations are not inhibited by changing personnel. Whenever a new employee joins the Foundation, they will immediately receive the same access, configurations and permissions as their predecessor. This helps the organisation minimise any impact on its day-to-day operations.

“The Fred Hollows Foundation delivers life-changing outcomes to patients all around the world, but the nature of such a geographically-dispersed operation creates a number of data access and sharing challenges,” said Michael Evans, Managing Director, Asia-Pacific and Japan, at Dell Boomi. “Boomi’s native cloud platform supports The Foundation’s global operations to ensure critical information is available to its personnel no matter their location, meaning treatments and surgeries can be conducted more efficiently, and positive patient outcomes can be optimised.”

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