Get Trained and Certified on the Boomi Platform Anytime, Anywhere — for Free

May 7, 2019
Get Trained and Certified on the Boomi Platform Anytime, Anywhere — for Free

The Dell Boomi Platform offers everything an organization needs for building a Connected Business: application integration, data governance, B2B/EDI management, API lifecycle management, and workflow automation.

That’s a lot to learn about. Fortunately, Boomi Education Services makes it easy to master all the features of the Boomi Platform with comprehensive training that’s available online or in person.

Whether you’re a developer, an administrator, a business user or a technical architect, Boomi has the focused training you need to make the most of the Boomi Platform in your particular domain.

Our training is available free, 24/7 through our online, on-demand learning management system. If you prefer in-person training, we have a public schedule or we can delivery training classes at your location, covering the topics that matter to you most.

Five Things to Know About Boomi Training

If you’re new to Boomi or Boomi's educational offerings, here are five things to know about Boomi Training:

  • It’s free.
    Everyone is eligible for Boomi training and certification. Whatever you need to learn about the Boomi Platform, it is available and free to use. Sign up today!
  • It’s broad.
    Boomi offers training for almost every aspect of our platform. Coursework includes modules on building integrations, production administration, enterprise architecture, designing and managing APIs, EDI, data governance and workflow automation. And we’re developing new training content and expanding our course selection all the time.
  • It’s always hands-on.
    One of the best ways to learn is to do. Whether self-paced or instructor-led, Boomi training provides extensive activities using the complete Boomi platform, so you can explore Boomi features in real-life scenarios rather than in simplified training scenarios. Start building the software you need as you learn about Boomi.
  • It’s available when you are.
    Boomi’s on-demand training is available 24/7 and fits into your busy schedule. You can attend courses from your smartphone, tablet or PC, from any location. You can get trained in your core competency area in just a week or across several weeks. Whenever your schedule allows, Boomi training is ready.
  • It leads to certification.
    Boomi offers associate and professional levels of certification for key roles such as developer, architect and administrator. Certification advertises your experience and learning to your peers and other members of the Boomi Community. Advance your career and demonstrate your expertise with Boomi certification.

Boomi Courses and Certifications

Here's a list of our current course offerings. We're updating and adding courses all the time.

Education for Integration Developers

  • Associate Developer Coursework and Certification
    Covers the basics of the Boomi integration user interface (UI); working with Boomi Documents; configuring Boomi Integration Connectors; designing simple integration processes to implement logic and process data; setting up features for logging and reporting; deploying integration processes to environments and more.
  • Professional Developer Coursework and Certification
    Covers more advanced topics such as designing complex integration processes to implement advanced logic and process data; designing and deploying event-based web service integration processes; and translating business scenarios into Boomi integration process.

Education for Integration Administrators

  • Professional Production Administrator Coursework and Certification
    Covers the daily and occasional tasks required of a Production Administrator, such as monitoring processes with Account and HTTP Dashboards, creating and assigning roles, deploying integration processes to environments, etc.
  • Professional Windows/Linux Operations Administrator Coursework and Certification
    Covers administrative tasks such as installing, configuring, running and uninstalling Atoms; conducting triage on received system alerts; monitoring processes with the Account and HTTP Dashboards, etc.

Education for Architects

  • Professional Architect Coursework and Certification
    Covers working with the alerts framework; accessing the AtomSphere API; understanding runtime configurations; installing local Atoms and Molecules; managing the full development lifecycle, etc.

Education for Data Stewards

  • Master Data Hub Coursework
    Covers data stewardship, navigating between Boomi Integration and Boomi Master Data Hub, creating a repository for golden records, configuring a model to validate incoming data, and other essential skills for using Master Data Hub.

Education for EDI Engineers

  • EDI Coursework and Certification
    Covers the AtomSphere UI and Boomi Documents, building an EDI profile, reading EDI specs and creating EDI files, and other essential EDI skills.

Education for API Designers and Engineers

  • API Design Coursework and Certification
    Covers creating, publishing, and managing APIs in Boomi, converting Boomi Integration processes into web services, using the Developer (Swagger Visualization) Portal and other API-related skills.

Education for Workflow Automation

  • Boomi Flow: Salesforce Lead Manager App Coursework
    Covers integrating Boomi Flow with Salesforce, working with Boomi Flow Elements, creating Pages with Boomi Flow, publishing and running Flows, and creating a Salesforce Lead Manager App.
  • Boomi Flow Essential Associate Coursework and Certification
    Covers navigating the Boomi Flow UI, working with Boomi Flow Elements, creating Pages within Boomi Flow, publishing running Flows, creating an email integration service and creating a Boomi Flow employee app.
Download the Boomi Education Services brief to learn more about how you can become a Boomi certified integration expert and move your career to the cloud.

About the Author

Eric Crist is Dell Boomi's practice manager of global education services.