Give Your Business a Healthy Boost With an iPaaS

June 5, 2019
Give Your Business a Healthy Boost With an iPaaS

Lead-to-cash for a business is what the heart is for the body — it keeps the system going.  If you don’t take care of the heart, everything else suffers.

A healthy lead-to-cash process is streamlined and automated from end to end, allowing you to speed up cash flow, cut costs and better serve your customers and suppliers. Processing orders manually is fine when your business is taking baby steps. But accelerated growth requires that your “heart” be in great shape to provide the necessary support.

When manual entries (which not only take more time, but are also more error-prone) require your team to constantly swivel their chairs between the ERP system and the CRM system, it’s time to look for a cure.

This means focusing on the overall health of your business processes. Manually coding integrations is a band-aid approach — it's tedious, fallible and never-ending, even with readily available public APIs. If you've taken this approach, all you've done is changed the location of your business pain — now, your IT staff spends most of its time and budget building and maintaining these integrations.

Using an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) is a much more flexible, efficient and economical approach because it allows you to quickly build the process, orchestrate the workflow and transform the data accurately. Moreover, your IT staff won’t have to worry about maintaining or updating scripts, and instead can focus on other matters important and strategic to the business.

Dell Boomi pioneered the integration platform as a service space more than a decade ago, and continues to lead the market today.  We can connect anything and everything in your digital ecosystem. But specifically for the heart of your business, we have built the Boomi NetSuite and Salesforce Solution Accelerator — a prescribed implementation based on industry-specific best practices that will jump-start and automate the vital lead-to-cash process.

Businesses of any size can use this solution accelerator and start reaping the benefits of application integration immediately. In fact, in a great example of "drinking our own champagne," our own finance department used the Boomi platform to replace the tedious manual entry of 800+ invoices a month!

Read our subscription billing case study to find out how Boomi's finance team shortened the time to create invoices, automated the process, and accelerated revenue recognition and cash collection.

The beauty of the NetSuite and Salesforce Solution Accelerator is that it allows the connections between the two systems to be configured quickly and easily. Once the systems are mirrored, the objects are synchronized bidirectionally, either on an event or a schedule.

From an “under the hood” perspective, the process is very easy to build and deploy, as data mapping between the various fields is predefined, considerably reducing the risk of errors. It takes only a few minutes to test the process to see that everything runs smoothly, so you can deploy with confidence.

Figure 1. Salesforce to NetSuite data mapping

Salesforce to NetSuite data mapping

Figure 2. Salesforce opportunity to NetSuite sales order process

So if your finance folks feel sick and dizzy from their swivel chairs, or your IT staff can’t keep up with integration updates, it's time to give your business a healthy boost.

Watch this video to learn more about the Boomi NetSuite and Salesforce Solution Accelerator.

About the Author

Kristina Avrionova is a product marketing manager at Dell Boomi.