Higher Education's in a Hurry — Boomi Delivers Speed

August 20, 2019
Higher Education's in a Hurry — Boomi Delivers Speed

Just four days. That’s how long Green River College needed to fully integrate its admissions database to Salesforce entirely from the cloud.

On time and under budget, with extra features squeezed in. That's the result the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) experienced when adopting a new cloud strategy to alleviate constraints.

Speed matters to the IT managers of colleges and universities. These educators are in just as much a hurry as their colleagues in the business sector — maybe even more. Higher education institutions need fast and flexible technology platforms to support their students, generate revenue and better engage their faculty, students, students' parents, alumni and support staff.

Dell Boomi’s integration platform as a service (iPaaS) helps colleges and universities deepen their student engagement and increase staff productivity. It does so by unifying cloud systems with legacy, on-premise applications.

Further, Boomi simplifies the otherwise complex task of connecting and delivering data on an anytime, anywhere basis. Boomi also helps higher education institutions speed their IT-modernization projects.

Boomi quickly and easily unites everything in your digital ecosystem so you achieve better outcomes, faster. Find out how higher education institutions like yours Win With Boomi.

Here’s how Boomi recently helped these two higher education institutions pick up the IT pace.

Admit From the Cloud: Green River College

Located in a quiet suburb of Seattle, Green River College might not seem like a school in a hurry. But when its IT managers sought to automate the bidirectional synchronization of both enrolled and prospective students, they wanted the work done quickly and at low cost.

Yet the mandate was far from simple. Green River sought a flexible, pre-built connector between its Salesforce implementation and customized admissions database. The functional goal: Whenever information about a student gets entered into Salesforce, that same information will be automatically populated in the school’s admissions database.

The pre-built requirement was important, because the IT group’s budget for the project was limited. They also wanted a solution that was configuration-based. That way, the various bi-directional integrations could be built by internal staffers.

The solution? Boomi's low-code integration platform. Designed and implemented from the ground up to be an elastic, multi-tenant, hosted platform, the Boomi Platform goes far beyond retrofits of traditional software, where multi-tenancy is achieved with multiple installation instances.

With Boomi’s help, Green River’s IT team completed the implementation in just four days — and without any coding. What’s more, the integration was done entirely from the cloud.

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Get Agile: UTS

University of Technology Sydney, one of Australia’s largest universities, was in a hurry to modernize its IT systems. Most were on-premise, and most were also slow and inefficient.

To launch its modernization program, UTS developed a plan it called Application 2020. This called for a phased approach to simplifying the university’s IT infrastructure, in part by migrating to a cloud-based SaaS environment.

Financial savings, though desired, were not the main driver. Instead, UTS wanted greater agility — the ability to deliver services to its over 44,000 students, faculty, staff and alumni with greater speed and efficiency.

Boomi to the rescue. “We selected Boomi due to its ease of use,” says UTS web and applications manager David O’Connor. “The university believed it would provide speed-to-market, which was of high importance.”

That belief proved right. Thanks to Boomi’s cloud-native, low-code integration platform, UTS could quickly and easily connect all its applications. The project even exceeded the school’s hopes. Boomi delivered additional features and functionality — at no extra cost and with no extra time needed for implementation.

“Our implementation of Boomi went better than we expected,” O’Connor says. “We finished on time, under budget, and even squeezed extra features in.”

Green River and UTS aren't the only schools that Boomi has helped. Higher education institutions around the world rely on Boomi to transform their digital systems. For higher education institutions in a hurry, Boomi provides the foundational technology and the speed necessary for success.

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