How the World's Leading Organizations Win With Boomi

June 10, 2019
How the World's Leading Organizations Win With Boomi

A multibillion-dollar global business spins off from its parent company and modernizes dozens of enterprise applications in a few months.

A European startup builds the foundation for a groundbreaking IoT healthcare platform.

And a traditional nonprofit transforms into a major healthcare network for children and adults with autism and behavioral disabilities

The common thread across these organizations? Dell Boomi.

American Express Global Business Travel, digitalAngel and Easterseals Bay Area are all pioneers within their industries, thanks to a little help from Boomi and its industry-leading unified platform for orchestrating modern data integrations.

These companies are terrific examples of agile digital organizations that "Win With Boomi" — accelerating their businesses to drive modernization, transformation and innovation.

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Modernizing in a Hurry: American Express GBT

Created in 2014 when American Express spun off 50 percent of its business travel unit,American Express Global Business Travel (AmEx GBT) faced a tight timeline to implement a brand-new IT infrastructure of cloud applications for accounting, customer management, procurement, HR, payroll and other processes.

Those applications needed to connect with one another and with several legacy systems carried over from AmEx GBT’s parent company.

AmEx GBT selected Boomi after an in-depth evaluation of cloud integration vendors, assessing ease of use, connectors, performance, scalability and security.

“Boomi gave us the rapid turnaround we needed," says Prasant Panicker, AmEx GBT vice president of product development. "We were able to start fast and build really quickly, helping us stay ahead of a very aggressive timeline for our first cloud deployment."

Once AmEx GBT saw what the Boomi platform could do, it quickly adopted it as a centerpiece to its cloud migration and modernization efforts.

"Boomi now serves as our core integration platform, facilitating data exchange and transformation between both our SaaS and on-premise applications," Panicker says.

With Boomi, AmEx GBT is running 80 internal integrations and 240 B2B integrations, supporting about 320 million total transactions a year.

AmEx GBT's work with Boomi is a remarkable story of how a multibillion-dollar global company swiftly modernized into a connected, cloud-first business.

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Building a Healthcare Network Overnight: Easterseals Bay Area

By partnering with Boomi, Easterseals Bay Area created virtually overnight a state-of-the-art digital healthcare information system and behavioral health provider network serving people with autism and other developmental disorders.

Triggered by new healthcare laws, Easterseals Bay Area transformed itself from a traditional charity relying on donations and grants into one of the largest behavioral health networks in the U.S. Easterseals Bay Area now manages more than 7,000 practitioners and $180 million in billings.

Easterseals Bay Area uses Boomi to connect and orchestrate data from internal and external applications, as well as various healthcare information systems, all within a secure digital ecosystem compliant with HIPAA, the HITECH Act and California regulations.

“Boomi was able to easily scale our network from a trickle of data to millions of transactions very quickly,” says Robert Van Tuyl, chief innovation officer at Easterseals Bay Area. “It has improved the quality of data in our systems and the efficiency of our operations. Most important, it has improved the patient experience. We couldn’t ask for more than that.”

Making the Internet of Things More Intelligent: digitalAngel

Boomi-powered innovation isn’t just building a better business for digitalAngel, a healthcare startup and subsidiary of Medux, the Netherlands' largest medical equipment supplier. It's also improving the care of bedridden patients.

digitalAngel, winner of the Emerging Technologies Award at Boomi World 2019, has created one of the world’s first open IoT platforms for connecting and managing data from any smart healthcare device.

In a pilot project, digitalAngel is managing a set of “smart mattresses" equipped with Internet of Things (IoT) biosensors that monitor a patient’s sleeping position, movement, body pressure and other indicators.

Implemented by Nalta, a Boomi partner, digitalAngel has built a cloud-driven IoT network powered by Boomi. Boomi orchestrates a data pipeline that captures the IoT device information and delivers it in real time to applications accessed by nurses and healthcare staff, alerting them to anomalies that warrant prompt intervention.

“Working closely with Boomi and Nalta, we have already achieved a great deal in a very short frame of time,” says Peter de Lange, digitalAngel managing director. “Boomi was at least two years ahead of any other vendor on the market, especially in terms of the speed and ease of its low-code development environment.”

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