Integration Reimagined With Community Intelligence and Automation

March 7, 2019
Integration Reimagined With Community Intelligence and Automation

Boomi pioneered the integration platform as a service (iPaaS) market in 2008 when we introduced the first low-code, cloud-native development and management environment for connecting any kind of application or data source. On-premise, in the cloud or at the network edge. Didn't matter. With Boomi, you could connect it all.

Suddenly, instead of spending weeks or months custom-coding integrations, developers could take advantage of the Boomi platform’s drag-and-drop interface to integrate applications and tap into the data needed for transforming their businesses.

With Boomi's revolutionary platform, integration development timelines shrank from months to weeks, and from weeks to days. IT productivity went up, IT expenses went down, and businesses became more agile and efficient.

A decade later, we have more than 8,000 customers using the Boomi platform for business-critical IT capabilities, including integration, data quality management, EDI management, API management, and workflow automation.

But we haven’t stopped there.

Bringing Intelligence to Integration

At Boomi World in November 2018, we redefined iPaaS and the integration cloud, again establishing benchmarks for the category we have led since Day One.

In our announcement, we pointed out the critical role that intelligence must play for modern integration to drive even greater speed and efficiencies through the cloud.

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By drawing on over 30 terabytes of anonymized metadata collected from millions of integrations deployed and run by our customers over the past decade, the Boomi platform is able to make intelligent suggestions and recommendations about how to build integrations faster and better.

And this is just the start. Our product roadmap for the Boomi platform has community intelligence embedded every step of the way.

With the collective wisdom of our customers gathered from their ongoing use of our true cloud-native, multi-tenant platform, we can bring far greater insights and provide automated shortcuts to laborious business processes.

Faster, better, smarter. That's the Boomi way.

Integrating People Into Your Workflows

We also broadened the scope of iPaaS to include not just data, devices and processes, but also people.

Why people? Because as integration is put to use solving workflow and business process challenges, people are center of those integrations for building a connected business. One way or another, people are either starting the workflow or are the final actors in the workflow.

After all, workflow is about helping people get stuff done. In our mind, integration — once considered back-office plumbing — is now front-office automation.

Our evolving definition of iPaaS and the integration cloud is a recognition of the pressing problems facing almost any business today. Our vision defines the essential role that integration and automation must play in solving your most daunting digital challenges.

The Automation Gap

iPaaS has made building integrations faster, but businesses still aren’t moving fast enough to guarantee their survival in an age of unprecedented innovation and change.

Part of the problem is that automation remains the exception, not the rule. So far, organizations have typically applied automation to only a few high-stakes processes — usually processes tied to the core of a business or to achieving regulatory compliance, for example.

But there’s a vast number of other workflows that would benefit dramatically from automation and integration. These processes are often complex. And they are often repetitive. Very repetitive.

These processes often cross department boundaries and involve many participants and systems. Too many of these processes still rely on lots of manual steps, slowing organizations down and increasing the risk of error.

It’s like the old 80/20 rule. To date, enterprises have invested 80 percent of their automation efforts in the 20 percent of processes that are highly regulated. But there’s another 80 percent of processes remaining to receive automation’s golden touch.

No wonder businesses aren’t moving fast enough. Most of their operations haven’t been automated!

The Application Gap

As they say, every company needs to be a software company. And that is no truer than for automating business processes. Software is critical to automating workflows that are powered by dynamically integrated data.

Unfortunately — and somewhat surprisingly — the speed of software creation has stalled just when it is needed the most.

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Learn how Boomi can help power your digital transformation efforts. This month we are in London and Sydney.

Industry research shows that despite the evolution of development tools and the widespread adoption of Agile and DevOps methodologies, the pace at which organizations publish software releases hasn’t changed in many years.

And most enterprises won’t be able to automate these additional processes by relying on the traditional model for application development, namely, having business users sit down with developers and explain these complex processes, which the developers will then go off and hand code over many weeks or months.

That process is too slow, expensive and resource-intensive to provide a scalable model in the age of digital transformation.

A much better approach — in fact, the only practical option — is to adopt an intelligent platform that empowers business users and other experts to build their own integrations, ensuring they are exactly what they need. The technical experts still oversee and ensure quality, but a community-powered, cloud-native intelligent platform eliminates much of the traditional overhead required to create and manage integrations.

This is the next evolution of digital transformation. And it’s possible only by applying intelligence to the development and operation of workflows and applications connecting systems, devices, data and people.

The goal is to make people more productive and enterprises more successful. A modern, cloud-native integration platform can do that. That’s the essence of Boomi.

We consider Boomi iPaaS to be not just the world’s best platform for data integration, but also an essential, strategic IT resource for automating operations that tie together people and systems across the enterprise.

Boomi is the catalyst for the next revolution in productivity. Say hello to the foundation for your digital business.

Want to learn more about Boomi's vision for enterprise integration?Join us on our Boomi World Tour.
Learn how Boomi can help power your digital transformation efforts. This month we are in London and Sydney.

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Steve Wood is Dell Boomi's chief product officer.