Journey to Integrated Experiences With Boomi

October 6, 2020
Journey to Integrated Experiences With Boomi

The journey to Integrated Experiences has begun. I hope you caught Episode 1 and watched as our CEO Chris McNabb introduced you to our vision for enabling your organization to deliver Integrated Experiences and instantly connecting people to what they want.

The word "journey" sets the perfect tone for episode 2. There are a few reasons for this.

  • I don’t want to give away the farm, but we’re really going to talk about something that’s truly out of this world.
  • We’ve got a journey of sights and sounds that will be music to your ears and eyes.
  • And, for your journey to Integrated Experiences, we’ll talk about how Boomi is the only partner that gives you the breadth of capabilities, based on our three pillars — user engagement, pervasive connectivity, and data readiness — that enables you to deliver Integrated Experiences for your customer, employee, or user no matter when you start on your path.

So let’s talk about the journey to Integrated Experiences. I mentioned the pillars. The fantastic thing about the way we have built them, and built the Boomi AtomSphere platform, is that you can start at any place in the journey and set yourself up for success. The benefit of an integrated platform is that you can begin your journey at any one of the pillars and add capabilities as your needs evolve.

For example, we know that we have a lot of integration customers that are starting with pervasive connectivity. We did basically invent the iPaaS market.

Pervasive connectivity is an excellent starting point. Understanding and creating connections between applications, systems, or any endpoint enables you to maximize the value of those systems and then get the force multiplier of all those applications or systems acting as one. Pervasive connectivity, leveraging Integration and B2B/EDI Management, unifies all your endpoints to create a fabric of seamless connectivity that spans your company, customers, and partner ecosystem. This enables you to break down data silos, whether on premises or in the cloud, to unlock productivity and enable a holistic view of the user journey. Integration enables you to have a comprehensive view of your customers and create a differentiated experience by anticipating and responding to their specific expectations.

From pervasive connectivity, you may want to go further into discovering, understanding, and leveraging all of your data across all of your data sources — dark, hidden, or other. Data readiness gives you a global, edge-to-core view of your data, resulting in trusted, complete, and current business intelligence that delivers a comprehensive view of your user interactions, preferences, and attitudes so you have the knowledge to deliver an exceptional experience. In short, data readiness provides the visibility of all known and unknown data needed to transform it into actionable information.

But what good are these integrations and connections and information and intelligence without engaging the user where they want, on the device they want, and doing it responsively. User engagement creates touchpoints that delight customers and meet them where they are, on whatever device they choose. Interactions accelerate the customer journey and eliminate friction from the experience. When you’re ready to develop new interfaces for your users, we can help you do that fast with our low-code application development or APIs.

Newsflash, Boomi is the only company that can provide all three pillars built on a platform that serves everyone from integration developers to citizen integrators in a multi-tenant, distributed environment. Creating these experiences for your community is even more important when you consider ongoing explosive growth of data and devices, as well as the distributed and hybrid nature of applications spanning on-premises and in the cloud.

Please join me on the journey in Episode 2. Trust me, you won’t want to miss what we have planned for you.

About the Author

Chris Port is Boomi’s chief operating officer, responsible for customer success, support, services and strategy.