Make the Most of Your Data With Boomi and Snowflake

October 15, 2020
Make the Most of Your Data With Boomi and Snowflake

Earlier today, we announced a new alliance between Boomi and Snowflake. I am very excited about the value this delivers to our joint customers, and want to share some more details.

Enabling our mutual customers to achieve their desired business outcomes through optimizing their data is at the core of the Boomi-Snowflake relationship. Enterprises today need to be able to identify, manage, and govern their data, wherever it resides. Boomi helps customers quickly and easily integrate with Snowflake and leverage the data within the Snowflake cloud data platform more effectively.

Together, Boomi and Snowflake span the entire data lifecycle: discovery, preparation, integration, migration, transformation, storage, and visualization.  Via Boomi Data Catalog and Preparation (DCP), developers and business users can catalog metadata from cloud and on-premises databases (including Snowflake itself), cloud apps, and hybrid cloud environments. This makes that data available to all users through a search and discovery experience powered by natural language processing (NLP) capabilities.

DCP’s broad connectivity includes a Snowflake connector that recently passed Snowflake’s connector validation process. DCP enables users to rapidly aggregate data from these sources, efficiently load it into Snowflake, orchestrate data pipelines, and make the resulting data and insights available to decision makers and applications, exactly when needed.

What is Snowflake?

Snowflake offers a software as a service (SaaS) analytic cloud data platform that is faster, easier to use, and more flexible than traditional data warehouse offerings. Customers choose to use Snowflake’s cloud data platform for their data warehousing and data lake needs, breaking down data silos and reaping the benefit of real-time, secure data sharing with built-in governance to gain insights into their business processes.

To learn more about Boomi and Snowflake, read our solution brief.

Supporting IT and Business Users

Today, customers are  using the Boomi AtomSphere Platform with Snowflake to  create flexible, end-to-end operational business processes that deliver critical insights. One common use case  is centered on empowering business stakeholders through DCP's self-service tools.

The Boomi AtomSphere Platform is used by data architects, data analysts, and data integration engineers for long-term IT-driven initiatives. The reality is that many of the people with the deepest knowledge of the business and business applications sit outside of IT. Giving those business users the ability and freedom to do more with data results in deeper insights into issues and increases overall business agility.

Here's an example of how Boomi can empower business users to drive business decisions:

Susan is a business analyst. One of her responsibilities is managing inventory, including forecasting future needs.

The purchase order data that Susan needs for forecasting lives in an Oracle database. In a traditional approach, the business analyst would need to open an IT ticket and manually define each of the fields needed to copy the data from Oracle and load it to Snowflake.

Boomi eliminates the need for this step. Instead of spending time creating the ticket, and having IT spend time fulfilling it (and likely some back-and-forth time on specification clarification), Susan can connect Oracle to Snowflake herself, using Boomi Integration to dynamically define the fields she needs.

Taking it a step further, using DCP's built-in seven-step artificial intelligence (AI)-driven workflow, Susan can build a real-time dashboard that combines data from the data warehouse with data from other related sources such as Salesforce or an SAP ERP, to extract insights on inventory, order processing, and fulfillment — without needing coding skills.

These self-service capabilities mean that technical staff only need to get involved in certain projects, and often only to help with the “last mile” of project completion.

Simplifying Connectivity, Cataloging, and Preparation

With Boomi’s low-code, cloud-native, unified platform, organizations can quickly and easily connect data, applications, processes, and people. Customers can  connect Boomi to Snowflake today using the Snowflake database connector.

Boomi Data Catalog and Preparation gives customers the ability to rapidly catalog large volumes of data wherever it exists within an organization — including within applications and databases, Snowflake included. It provides the overall governance capabilities for an organization's data. Then, the preparation capabilities allow customers to further manipulate and research the data to create data sets for the business. Customers can also leverage Boomi’s built-in ETL and ELT capabilities as part of data preparation, to efficiently transform the data within Snowflake.

DCP leverages the Snowflake connector for Spark to ensure the scalability and elasticity needed to meet enterprise expectations for efficiency and performance — with minimal effort required from the customer.

Powering Infrastructure Modernization

Another  use case for the Boomi + Snowflake combination is customers needing to modernize or upgrade systems. Switching out systems and applications, especially as part of cloud migration, requires moving large volumes of data from one place to another, safely and securely. But it's also critical that  transactional data be rolled up and readily available for analytics.

This is a typical data warehousing scenario, made simple by using the unified Boomi AtomSphere Platform. Sales orders and purchase orders that are loaded into Snowflake can come from many different systems, and refer to master data entities in those various systems. There is no easy way to aggregate data for each master data entity. However, Boomi Master Data Hub has a consolidated version of those master data entities — a golden record. Simply send the golden records to Snowflake and voila — problem solved.

A Match Made for the Cloud

Like the Boomi AtomSphere Platform, the Snowflake cloud data platform was designed to take advantage of the many benefits provided by a cloud environment.

But Boomi and Snowflake have more in common than just being built for the cloud. Our organizations share similar values: we are both open and focused on delivering the best experience to our customers. This means delivering products and services that are easy to use, reliable, and provide efficiencies that power meaningful business outcomes.

Using Boomi with Snowflake gives customers  a low-code, scalable approach to integration and data migration with a modern, cloud-native solution perfect for today's cloud and hybrid environments. Benefits include:

  • Increased business agility
  • Lower operational costs
  • Elasticity and scalability to meet data storage and processing needs today and in future
  • Greater efficiencies through consistent, repeatable processes
  • Improved business continuity

The use cases I mentioned are only a few of the ways customers can benefit from the Boomi and Snowflake partnership. Customers using Boomi Flow, Boomi API Management, and Boomi B2B/EDI Management can also leverage these services to even further extend the value of their Snowflake investment. We'll cover these scenarios in future blog posts.

To learn more about Boomi and Snowflake, read our solution brief.

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