NASCIO Top 10 List for 2020: The Usual Suspects and a Wind of Change

February 12, 2020
NASCIO Top 10 List for 2020: The Usual Suspects and a Wind of Change

State and Local Government leaders and IT executives are committed to transforming and enhancing their operations — from improving government processes and delivering modern citizen services to ensuring sustainability and building smarter communities for a rapidly urbanizing population. Their objectives are all about serving citizens better and upholding the public interest.

We see clear evidence of these goals in the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) State CIO Top 10 Priorities list. Produced yearly, the list is derived from surveying state CIOs.

In the 2020 edition, we still see the familiar priorities that have been making the list over and over for the past few years: cybersecurity, cloud, and consolidation/optimization. This is not surprising — we are likely to keep seeing those usual suspect for years to come, because security threats are still increasing and IT budgets are still being stretched.

But a welcome wind of change is blowing: innovation is on this year's list. Appearing for the first time, it is a true testament to government’s commitment to being future-focused. While the adoption of technology by the public sector has gone at a slower pace than in the private sector, steady progress is being made and it's no surprise that innovation is now a priority.

At Boomi, we are committed to helping you reach all your objectives, and we gladly will support your priorities so you can serve citizens effectively and deliver sustainable projects.

We've put together an infographic that shows how Boomi's cloud-native integration platform supports eight of the ten 2020 State CIO priorities. Here's a preview — click on the image below or here to download the full PDF.

The Boomi Platform helps you link together the IT systems within your organizations and with departments and agencies across a state. You can build new capabilities for the future by modernizing your technology infrastructure as well as reinvent the way you work by transforming experiences, processes, and practices. We can even help you imagine entirely new ways of serving constituents by innovating new experiences and operational models.

And do we know how to support innovation first hand:

The Town of Cary, NC started using Boomi to integrate its multiple systems of records, but before you know it, Cary was using Boomi to solve road and traffic maintenance issues. And from there, to alert citizens of possible water leakages.

The City of Bellevue, WA adopted Boomi to integrate data from smart water meters. The goal: to improve water reliability and conservation by proactively detecting leaks and improving reliability, capacity, and water quality through predictive operations.

And these are just two examples of the many state and local government customers that we are helping with city, state, and regional transformation. We'd love to have a conversation with you about your integration needs and goals.

To learn how Boomi can help you be a more collaborative and innovative government organization, visit

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Kristina Avrionova is a product marketing manager at Dell Boomi.