Now Open: The Boomi Blue Challenge 2019 Awards for Customers and Partners!

October 11, 2019
Now Open: The Boomi Blue Challenge 2019 Awards for Customers and Partners!

Calling all innovators, transformationists, modernizers and blue-sky thinkers who “win with Boomi" — the Boomi Blue Challenge 2019 is now open!

Our second annual Boomi Blue Challenge awards program is your chance to showcase how your organization is using the Boomi Platform to turn blue-sky vision into successful digital transformation projects that bring far greater speed and agility to your business.

The entry deadline of Friday, December 13 will be here before you know it!

Get started now by registering and filling out the Boomi Blue Challenge award nomination form.

Besides recognition for your Boomi-powered transformation initiatives, winners will receive a complimentary trip to London to network with your peers and Boomi executives.

To enter the Boomi Blue Challenge:

  • Be a current Boomi customer or partner
  • Identify your primary project leader (award recipient)
  • Describe how your organization uses Boomi to make your blue-sky transformation goals a reality

Our Boomi Blue Challenge executive committee will review all submissions and announce four winners — one each from the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia-Pacific — through our social media platforms and website on January 17, 2020.

Get started today! Submit your nomination for the Boomi Blue Challenge 2019. The contest will honor four innovative organizations that have realized extraordinary business results with Boomi.
Recognition for Innovation and Improvements

The Boomi Blue Challenge 2019 is a great way for your organization to highlight its digital innovation and business excellence. Project leaders can take pride in an award-winning achievement that stands out from the crowd.

The Boomi Blue Challenge is just one of many ways that we recognize customer and partner accomplishments. As we’ve seen at thousands of organizations, putting integration at the center of digital transformation pays off:

  • Accelerated business improvements
  • Reduced operational and IT costs
  • New revenue streams
  • Greater customer and partner satisfaction
  • Improved efficiency across the business and IT
  • Faster rollout of new products and services
  • Heightened competitive advantage

Those are some of the top outcomes that customers realize with Boomi. To learn more, read the stories about winners of our inaugural Boomi Blue Challenge in 2018: Alleantia SRL in Europe, Brightline (Virgin Trains USA) in the U.S., Intouch Insight in Canada, and Origin Energy in Australia.

“It is inspiring to see the blue-sky ways our customers are driving digital transformation to improve their organizations and their industries," says Chris Port, Boomi's chief operating officer. "These are true digital leaders, and we are very proud to be their partner."

Driving Transformation With Boomi’s Unified Platform

The annual Boomi Customer Excellence Awards and Partner Awards, presented at Boomi World 2019 this month in Washington, D.C., is another way that we honor innovation and business results across our fast-growing user base, now totaling more than 9,000 customers and 580 partners.

Our Boomi World 2019 recap blog post highlights this year's winners.

Categories and winners for the Customer Excellence Awards were:

One common element across our award-winning customers and partners is a forward-thinking approach to driving digital transformation. By harnessing Boomi's low-code integration, API management, workflow automation, data governance and electronic data interchange (EDI), organizations can drive all new speed and agility into their organizations.

Winning companies have relied on our unified platform to achieve a broad range of business goals, from accelerating order-to-cash and streamlining human resources management to harnessing insights from IoT device data.

For a look at how organizations use Boomi to innovate with unmatched speed and agility, please check out our new publication, "Winning With Boomi: Customer Showcase." Spotlighting two dozen customers in categories of connection, modernization, transformation and innovation, this ebook illustrates what Boomi innovation looks like.

Don't wait until the last minute to get your Boomi Blue Challenge award application under way! Click here to get started and have your nomination complete before the deadline of 11:59 p.m. Pacific time on Friday, December 13!

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