Pervasive Connectivity Powers Boomi Customer Success

July 29, 2019
Pervasive Connectivity Powers Boomi Customer Success

A connected business prospers with the increased business agility and insights that result from pervasive connectivity. And connectivity is what the unified Dell Boomi Platform is all about, with its five key services that work in harmony to streamline business workflows, unlock productivity and reduce operational cost.

Last year, Boomi engaged research firm Vanson Bourne to conduct a study, “The Connected Business: Improving integration and creating connectivity in 2018,” based on a 2017 survey of more than 900 IT professionals across 13 countries. The study results showed that eight of 10 IT leaders believed that greater connectivity should be their number-one priority.

Boomi accelerates connections by making it faster and easier to unify data, systems, applications, processes and people — helping organizations become connected businesses. And our thousands of success stories touch on IT modernization, business transformation and even accelerated innovation, all powered by this fabric of connectivity.

We recently wrote about how Massachusetts-based companies Moderna Therapeutics and are using the Boomi platform to accelerate their desired business outcomes. Here are two more examples of how organizations are relying on the pervasive connectivity Boomi provides to drive their business success.  

Connectivity-Driven Modernization

Lusiaves Group, one of the largest poultry producers in Portugal and Spain, wanted to improve operations across its 31 businesses. To remain top of the market, the company needed a way to respond to customers better and faster — which required greater visibility into its systems. That’s why Lusiaves turned to Boomi.

The legacy point-to-point integrations that Lusiaves had in place weren’t able to keep pace with its growth. The company needed pervasive connectivity to modernize its infrastructure. This involved integrating 145 disparate applications, including rolling out a single SAP S/4HANA platform to replace approximately 30 enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications deployed for each business.

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It wasn’t a tough decision for Lusiaves. Boomi combines all the capabilities the company needs within a single unified, easy-to-learn and easy-to-use platform. Lusiaves can leverage Boomi Integration and Boomi API Management to connect everything from legacy ERPs to Internet of Things (IoT) equipment in multiple facilities to track and manage poultry reproduction, processing, feed production and distribution.

"With Boomi," says Paulo Gaspar, Lusiaves Group CIO, "we were able to bring [our] 30-year-old legacy system into the 21st century."

With the cloud-native Boomi platform, Lusiaves is able to support new best-of-breed cloud apps and automate processes to save time and increase accuracy. As a connected business, Lusiaves can better serve its customers no matter where they are located.

Learn how Lusiaves Group is using Boomi to connect, modernize and transform its business: Watch the video.

Connectivity Powers Omnichannel Banking

Another customer that relies on Boomi for pervasive connectivity is Teachers Mutual Bank. One of Australia's largest mutual banks, TMB uses the Boomi Platform to connect legacy systems to modern cloud and mobile apps, realizing a single customer view and significantly reducing operational costs.

TMB turned to Boomi to drive digital transformation, stay competitive and grow its membership. Thanks to Boomi's integration capabilities, TMB was able to create a mobile-first, omnichannel customer experience and launch new fintech offerings to stay on the leading edge of the banking industry.

The Boomi low-code development platform can connect anything, anywhere — whether on-premise or in the cloud — to help turbocharge rapid, agile development processes. TMB is using Boomi to automate and streamline banking operations by connecting business process management tools to core banking systems and workflows.

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With Boomi, TMB has been able to reduce integration times up to 90 percent compared to using legacy technology. And because business users can understand and use the platform, the bank is able to manage the Boomi platform across the entire organization with only two IT experts.

“With Boomi, we have the ability to move much faster than our competitors," says David Chapman, TMB's chief information officer at the time Boomi was deployed. "We can take the latest tech that comes along, plug it in and roll it out to our members in a matter of weeks or months rather than years. I don’t think we’ll ever unstitch Boomi from the organization. It’s embedded in everything we do."

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