Portable, Distributed, and Trusted Engagements for a Changed Era

March 9, 2021
Portable, Distributed, and Trusted Engagements for a Changed Era

We are living in a time where vast change has triggered the acceleration and resurgence of key trends, with a renewed focus on architectural agility and user trust. Both are needed as we move into an era where responsiveness is paramount to success. To help organizations respond faster, more efficiently, and more effectively, we've added new capabilities to Boomi Flow.  

Agility + Trust

We see this desire for agility and trust reflected in a multitude of recent studies. In a CFO Pulse Survey from June of 2020, PwC reported that when asked "what about the current situation will make your company better in the long run," 72 percent of CFOs surveyed answered "better resiliency and agility."

On the subject of trust, the Edelman Trust Barometer 2020 found that 81 percent of respondents say trusting brands to do the right thing is a deal breaker or deciding factor in their buying decision.

Blurred Lines

In addition, we have blurring across our personal and business lives, and we need technology that works across all aspects of our daily lives.

I don’t know about you, but to me, having to toggle back and forth between work and non-work engagements spotlights the need for the right services to be delivered to me, in the right context, on the right device. Most of the time I need to be the togglemaster myself, but as we progress on our current path, technology evolution will be coming to the rescue.

According to Okta, businesses now deploy 88 applications on average, rising to 155 in the technology sector, an increase of 17% from the past year.

I often find myself pondering how blended I am becoming with my tech. Many authors and scholars have written many words about this idea, so I won’t get too sidetracked. However, the quality of the digital interactions I have with the many businesses I’m connected to results in either my delight or disappointment with those businesses. If I have a particularly negative interaction, I will take my business elsewhere. I imagine it’s the same for most of you.

And given the fuzzy line between personal and business interactions, engagement tailored to my purpose is crucial to my day to day success.

I see my own situation as an allegory to a massive undercurrent across many organizations – people, whatever their role, are almost exclusively digitally engaged right now. According to Forbes, we increased internet use by 70 percent during the early months of the pandemic. Because of this, technology teams across organizations are looking for ways to up their agility game so they can be more responsive to their business. They are likely accelerating strategies such as the adoption of multicloud to become more agile, but it’s clear that operational agility must be complemented by trust.

Use the Cloud of Your Choice – Even if It’s Hybrid

The relevance and importance of hybrid cloud architecture is crystal clear in our current era. With highly distributed workers and workloads, issues like privacy, security, and compliance are top of mind for many business leaders. The architecture is so important, in fact, that most public cloud providers have rolled out solutions to support hybrid cloud. So, it’s not an either/or decision. Businesses have the options to design their technology strategies with greater flexibility.

To meet the digital expectations of a broad array of customers, employees, and partners, we've built in a higher level of agility and trust to Flow, Boomi’s low-code workflow automation service, with new multicloud deployment capabilities.

With this enhancement, organizations will be able to supercharge their engagement strategies, assuring that interactions with any persona, in any location, on any device, will be relevant. At the same time, technology teams will be able to deploy workflow automation to and from any cloud with a single touch – boosting responsiveness, streamlining operations, and assuring securely managed data.

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About the Author

Amy James is a senior portfolio and solutions marketing manager at Boomi, a Dell Technologies business.