Project Alvarium: Achieving Trust From the Edge to the Enterprise

November 1, 2019
Project Alvarium: Achieving Trust From the Edge to the Enterprise

At Boomi, we envision a world where customers can connect to data and run data processes wherever they’re needed, through every channel and medium — truly anywhere. And we’re committed to turning this vision into reality.

That’s why Boomi, a Dell Technologies business, is proud to be an integral part of Project Alvarium. Announced on Monday by The Linux Foundation, Project Alvarium will bring together leading organizations to collaborate on building a Data Confidence Fabric (DCF) that will facilitate measurable trust and confidence in data and applications. The project will be seeded with prototype code from Dell Technologies, which includes Boomi as the integration platform.

Weaving a Fabric of Trust

As Internet of Things (IoT) and edge data travel from their source to various destinations, they cross multiple boundaries such as networks, organizations, firewalls and geographies. That can create a lot of debate over security, privacy and data ownership, as well as hindering an organization's ability to scale digital transformation initiatives.

A DCF, also known as a “trust fabric,” inserts trust into a data path through a combination of technologies — so you know where the data was created and where it has traveled.

As data flows through the DCF, a data confidence score is calculated based on metadata on the data’s provenance. This allows the data to pass confidently through multiple boundaries spanning both cloud and on-premise environments.

Trust fabrics also give data owners greater control, allowing them to choose which aspects of the data are available for sharing, and with whom, within their fabric of trust. They can also decide to whether to open that circle of trust to the larger DCF trust network or not.

“The concept of a trust fabric will increasingly become critical in order to make reliable and non-damaging business decisions due to the ever-increasing volume and velocity of edge data, as well as the increasing risk of tainted data going undetected,” says Boomi's chief technology officer Michael Morton.

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A Collaborative Community

In the working demonstration built by the Dell Technologies IoT organization, the Boomi Platform is used to move all the metadata about the data’s provenance. That metadata feeds the rules that ultimately produce the confidence scores for data coming from the edge of the network.

But there isn’t just one way to build a DCF — organizations can choose to use the tools that are the best fit for their trust fabrics. With intersecting trust fabrics in place, no single brand or company owns that trust. A network of combined DCFs can deliver higher value across a heterogeneous infrastructure while also helping organizations meet requirements for security, privacy and data compliance.

While the Dell Technologies demonstration shows one way of creating a data confidence score, going forward confidence scoring algorithms will be established through vendor-neutral collaboration.

Project Alvarium will foster a community to collaborate on the baseline open source framework and related APIs that bind together the various ingredients that constitute trust fabrics, as well as to define the algorithms that drive confidence scores as data flows through any given DCF implementation.

The project will be supported by industry leaders including Arm, IBM, IOTA Foundation, MobiledgeX, OSIsoft and Unisys in addition to Dell Technologies.

Boomi on the Leading Edge

At Boomi World, we talked about building an Atom Fabric to help customers create a fabric of connectivity and a fabric of data across complex networks and multi-cloud environments, so they can call on data in any location. This demonstration shows just one of the many possibilities such a fabric may have in future.

The unified Boomi Platform combines industry-leading integration with data governance, API management,  B2B/EDI management and workflow automation.

And whether it’s through introducing new capabilities within the Boomi Platform, extending the value of platforms from partners such as Salesforce, NetSuite, Pivotal and ServiceNow, collaborating through initiatives and open source frameworks like EdgeX Foundry and the Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF) to facilitate sharing of best practices, Boomi is on the leading edge of innovation.

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Danalynne Wheeler Menegus is a contributing writer and content marketer for Boomi. She has an extensive background in B2B technology marketing and communications, with companies including Dell, Enstratius, Sybase/SAP and IONA Technologies.