QUT Creates Single View of Services, Connected Campus Using Boomi

May 13, 2020
QUT Creates Single View of Services, Connected Campus Using Boomi

The Queensland University of Technology has established greater visibility of its data as it progresses its strategy to further embrace digital learning and campuses

Sydney, Australia – May 13, 2020 – Boomi™, a Dell Technologies™ business, today announced that the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) is using the unified Boomi Platform to create a single view of services and establish the data foundations required to build digital campuses for the future.

QUT is the university of the real world which is focused on ensuring its 50,000 students are job-ready for the digital era. This includes supporting the student community with real-world experiences to accelerate the start of their careers, and ramping up research outcomes which contribute to continually improving global rankings.

With a major technology program underway as part of Blueprint 6, the university’s strategic roadmap, QUT needed a central integration platform that would unify its systems and data for new digital investments. These investments are helping to accelerate the transition from a traditional in-house environment to a ‘cloud-right’ model which enables faster and agile delivery of value.

“Using Boomi as our central integration platform is a key strategic enabler that supports QUT’s digital aspirations” said Scott Lawry, Associate Director for Solution Design and Delivery at QUT. “Investing in new technology is one thing, but without access to well managed secure data your investment will not be able to deliver the value intended for the QUT community.”

“As new technologies and devices enter our campuses, we must be able to securely connect them to our network and data. We already have teams of robots connected in our research labs, and soon we’ll see autonomous vehicles and other advanced technologies entering our campuses. Boomi ties together all our digital assets so the data pertaining to the university is accurate, secure and actionable within one platform”.

QUT selected Boomi to replace complex legacy connectors, and is now using the Boomi platform to centralize all integration to build a standardized secure data library that is available for all student, research and corporate systems to leverage.

The project initially focused on integrating six major applications with core operational platforms used daily by staff and students.  This approach was a proof of concept to demonstrate the capabilities and benefits of using Boomi to centralize integration and secure data in real-time.

The next phase of the project will focus on implementing an integration roadmap to migrate most integrations onto the Boomi platform.

Boomi connects QUT’s systems within a low-code interface, eliminating the need to recruit costly coding specialists. Due to the ease-of-use of the platform, QUT has been able to consolidate and clean its data and apply analytics – a key growth area – to support data driven decision-making.

QUT picked Boomi following a market evaluation in which it was identified as the only integration platform to meet requirements around cost, sustainability, and partnership. In addition, the platform’s integration capabilities, QUT is implementing the Boomi Master Data Hub, allowing it to view, control and drive business decisions based on accurate and consistent data.

Boomi plays a pivotal role in QUT connected campus roadmap as the university also prepares to extend its capability using non-traditional data sources to support its Smart Campus initiatives.

“In the next five years, there's no doubt this concept of the Smart Campus will become a reality for many in Australia and abroad,” said Lawry. “QUT aims to be at the forefront – we are already looking at how to connect parking spaces, trash cans, air-conditioning units and other day-to-day devices so that we can use the data for full visibility across the entire university, which in turns helps us improve the student experience.”

“Australian universities are constantly under pressure to demonstrate the value they’re delivering to students and the wider economy in the ongoing battle against attrition in what is a highly-competitive industry,” said Nicholas Lambrou, Managing Director Australia and New Zealand (A/NZ) at Boomi.

“Moving to centralize all of its applications through the Boomi integration platform, QUT gains full visibility across its operations, including the day-to-day experiences of students, employees and other stakeholders. Combine that with the business intelligence it gains through analytics, and QUT is set to be a front-runner in the race towards fully-connected Smart Campuses. We are eager to continue working with QUT to explore how its unified data environment can help the University deliver on its digital ambitions.”

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