Sprinklr Improves the Experience for 1,500+ Customers Through Integration

April 30, 2020
Sprinklr Improves the Experience for 1,500+ Customers Through Integration

These days, the customer experience is a C-suite priority for businesses in every industry, as modern communication channels have created a connected customer who demands instant engagement and personalized advertising. Sprinklr helps companies achieve that objective.

Sprinklr’s software as a service (SaaS) platform is used by more than 1,500 companies, including Nike, Samsung, and McDonald’s, to connect with customers across 35 social media and messaging channels plus millions of websites. In fact, more than half of Fortune 500 companies use Sprinklr.

As a cloud-first business, Sprinklr in turn runs its business on some key SaaS technologies, including NetSuite ERP for financial management and Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM for both sales and professional services teams. And it uses Boomi’s cloud-native integration platform to connect those and other systems, accelerating its business and improving efficiency and customer service.

Sprinklr, with 25 offices in 16 countries and about 1,500 employees, turned to Boomi after outgrowing a NetSuite-centric integration tool that lacked the scale and flexibility Sprinklr needed as its data and application environment grew more complex.

Watch our short video to hear how Boomi is helping Sprinklr drive efficiency and customer service:

Integration Produces Impressive Results

Sprinklr has realized impressive results with Boomi across multiple use cases — streamlining order-to-cash in finance, empowering sales and account reps to better serve customers, boosting productivity, managing employee data, and strengthening financial reporting. These results include:

300 hours per year saved in order processing

Sprinklr’s finance team is spending 300 fewer hours a year processing orders since it upgraded its integration platform to Boomi. With Sprinklr’s previous integration tool, finance team members still had to do manual work to move order data from Salesforce into NetSuite.

Boomi fully automates that process, and Sprinklr can now move both opportunity and final quote data from Salesforce into NetSuite, rather than just opportunity data possible with its previous integration tool. That efficiency is important as sales volumes soar at the fast-growth Sprinklr, on the Forbes Cloud 100 list of the world’s top private cloud companies for four consecutive years.

Boosted customer satisfaction with prompt replies to inquiries

In the past, a sales rep had to reach out manually to the finance team if a customer had a question on an invoice. Customer satisfaction and brand image was at risk if sales reps couldn’t provide an answer on the spot.

Boomi has eliminated the problem by automatically moving invoice data from NetSuite to Salesforce. Now, sales reps have timely, accurate data in their day-to-day Salesforce system to address inquiries, and they’re also able to see if a customer is behind on a payment.

“It makes for better customer communications and happier customers because they can get their answers very quickly,” says Eric Luehmann, global director of business applications at Sprinklr. “Now, when a rep speaks with a customer, they have all the insight and analytics from NetSuite right there in Salesforce, at their fingertips.”

Strengthened financial reporting

By using Boomi to integrate NetSuite with the proprietary Sprinklr platform that manages social media messaging and ad placement for clients, Sprinklr has enhanced financial analytics on revenue, costs, customers, products, and profitability.

The integrated data in NetSuite supports financial reporting on a per-customer basis to make sure that Sprinklr is serving the client according to contract specifications. The finance team can easily determine whether Sprinklr is meeting its obligations while ensuring that it isn’t spending more on social media advertising than was budgeted.

“With the Boomi integration, we can just click on a customer record in NetSuite and see the information that used to be pulled together manually. We can immediately know a client’s up-to-date spending record, and how much we’ve invoiced them,” Luehmann says.

Boomi helps Sprinklr save 300 hours in order processing by integrating NetSuite and Salesforce, gaining new efficiency and visibility in finance and sales. Read the case study.

Streamlined internal communications with finance

Multiple business units need data from the finance team, which meant time-consuming manual inquiries and communications. For example, Sprinklr’s professional services team needs financial data from NetSuite to track project revenue and better manage milestones and engagements in Salesforce.

“Before Boomi, the only way to do this was an offline process or one that involved services and finance communicating over email, Slack, phone calls, and face-to-face conversations," Luehmann says. “All of that has been replaced with Boomi.”

As Luehmann notes, Boomi lets developers easily ensure that data is made available only to authorized individuals.

“Finance is under a lock and key for a reason — they can’t just give a user all of the data they requested," Luehmann says. "So we leverage Boomi to get pertinent data — and only the pertinent data that’s needed — and push it to the user’s system.”

Heightened workforce productivity

By making it possible to create a single system of record, Boomi spares Sprinklr employees from manually accessing and compiling information from multiple systems. This allows them to focus on higher-value tasks that facilitate business growth and employee satisfaction, a key focus for Sprinklr.

“Boomi helps people get happier because it improves their day-to-day job functions and matches their competencies with their job,” Luehmann says. “The self-service data access that Boomi facilitates makes everybody more efficient.”

Improved employee management

Sprinklr uses G-Suite as its master employee data repository, yet moving data back and forth between G-Suite and other systems relied on custom-coded integrations and manual work.

That’s changing as Sprinklr turns to Boomi to help improve employee management. Boomi now automates employee data exchange between G-Suite and NetSuite and Salesforce, and Sprinkler is working to connect G-Suite with an ADP payroll system with Boomi as well.

“We have all this great data within G-Suite, but weren’t able to push it out to other systems without manually putting it in,” Luehmann says. “We’re now looking to leverage Boomi to load data into G-Suite, and then take that data from G-Suite and push it to all of the other systems that need it.”

Why Boomi?

Sprinklr needed fast, agile integration amid growing complexity across its data and application environment. Boomi more than met Sprinklr’s integration needs and the growing demands of its digital ecosystem. A cross-functional team at Sprinklr chose Boomi for these reasons:

  • A proven NetSuite partner: Boomi’s long-time partnership with NetSuite was key, as was Boomi’s ability to scale. “We wanted to partner with a vendor that was seasoned in the NetSuite space,” Luehmann says. “We needed to be sure our integration partner would scale and grow with us, whether we grew to 10X the data volume or 10X the complexity.”
  • Low-code development: Boomi’s intuitive, low-code interface meant that Sprinklr wouldn’t need integration developers with special skills. “We really wanted a simple integration platform that people could understand, that we could roll out quickly, and Boomi checked all of the boxes,” Luehmann says.
  • Reusability: Boomi enables Sprinklr to reuse business flows on many processes so that the IT team can leverage institutional knowledge within the system against other endpoints.
  • Customer testimonials: Sprinklr evaluated a lot of different vendors, white papers, and analyst reports. What really stood out was customer testimonials. Luehmann and team spoke with many customers of various integration technologies and Boomi by far had the most positive feedback.

“What really differentiated Boomi was its ability to grow with the company,” says Luehmann. “We’re getting a very good cost/benefit with Boomi, and it was, by far, the most flexible and understandable integration platform that we could roll out.”

The company can quickly address technology challenges and improve efficiency, insights, and the employee and customer experience. Sprinklr has also found integration development with Boomi to be twice as fast as alternatives.

Up next for Sprinklr is getting into master data management with Boomi Master Data Hub, as a lot of its systems have different representations of the same exact records. The company is looking to get everything in sync to effectively manage data across all of its different platforms as the business grows.

Boomi helps Sprinklr save 300 hours in order processing by integrating NetSuite and Salesforce, gaining new efficiency and visibility in finance and sales. Read the case study.
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