Sprinklr Unlocks NetSuite and Salesforce Data to Fuel Efficiency, Insights and Service

December 5, 2019
Sprinklr Unlocks NetSuite and Salesforce Data to Fuel Efficiency, Insights and Service

Like many young companies, Sprinklr, a top social media management vendor that serves more than half of the Fortune 500, started off with disparate business applications that were loosely integrated, if at all. This forced Sprinklr employees in finance, sales and other areas into time-consuming manual data work — looking up information in one system, entering it into another, and consolidating in spreadsheets if needed.

That counterproductive data drudgery is disappearing since the 10-year-old Sprinklr rolled out cloud-native integration technology from Boomi, a Dell Technologies business, as outlined in our new success story.

With Boomi, Sprinklr has unified formerly standalone data stores into a single source of truth. This has given the company new speed, agility and insights to better serve and grow its impressive customer base, which includes Allstate, McDonald’s, Microsoft, NASA, Nike, Philips, Procter & Gamble, Samsung, Shell and Verizon.

“A big benefit of the Boomi Platform is a single-system mentality," says Eric Luehmann, Sprinklr’s global director of business applications. “Boomi makes it easy for us to unify the data that our employees need into one consolidated source, and that makes them more productive and efficient.”

Big Gains in Order-to-Cash Efficiency

Those benefits are especially seen in order-to-cash and financial reporting at Sprinklr, named in 2019 to the Forbes Cloud 100 list of the world’s top private cloud companies for the fourth straight year.

Sprinklr uses Boomi to connect its core NetSuite OneWorld financial application to disparate systems to make order-to-cash and reporting more efficient and insightful. That liberates personnel to focus on higher-value tasks.

With Boomi, global finance staff no longer need to look in Sprinklr’s Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM application to get the final quote data they need for invoicing through NetSuite. Boomi ensures that Salesforce data is quickly and reliably integrated into NetSuite, accelerating the order-to-cash timeline.

“We’re able to bring a better level of data into NetSuite using Boomi,” Luehmann says. “Anytime you have fewer manual steps, that pays off with data consistency and no errors. That’s definitely a big plus for us.”

Conversely, Sprinklr is expanding its Boomi usage to ensure that sales reps using Salesforce have invoicing information from NetSuite at their fingertips. This will help reps immediately respond if a customer inquires about a bill, removing the finance team from the middle.

“A big thing we’re doing with the Boomi integration is keeping people in the systems they use every day — sales in Salesforce and finance in NetSuite," Luehmann says. "And that means everyone can save time and avoid the hassles of jumping back and forth among applications to complete a single task."

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Improved Billing and Financial Reporting

The finance team has also improved the speed and accuracy of NetSuite billing and financial reporting, because Boomi moves customer data from Sprinklr’s proprietary platform into NetSuite.

Previously, finance team members had to manually consolidate data from the Sprinklr platform and NetSuite into spreadsheets to do financial analysis. Using data that was several weeks old, that monthly process was time-consuming and error-prone.

“With the Boomi integration, we can just click on a customer record in NetSuite and see the information that used to be put together manually," Luehmann says. “We can immediately know a client's up-to-date spending record, how much they want to spend, what they've spent to date, and how much we’ve invoiced them.”

Integration Development Accelerated 2X

Sprinklr turned to Boomi after encountering limitations in scalability and flexibility with a NetSuite-centric integration tool it had been using. Fast, agile, cloud-native integration became an imperative as Sprinklr grew in size and complexity.

“As we grew, we had to integrate more and more data. So a new platform was crucial — one that could easily handle those increasing complexities," Luehmann says.

Sprinklr rolled out Boomi with the help of GearsCRM, a Boomi Select Partner that's handled hundreds of Boomi deployments. Today, Sprinklr can set up an integration two times faster than possible with alternatives, using Boomi's low-code interface for configuring connections.

“Boomi is probably two times faster than custom coding an integration," Luehmann says. “A big thing is you don’t need specialized developers who can read and write a programming language like Python.”

Boomi Hits the Integration ‘Sweet Spot'

For Luehmann and his team, Boomi supplies an ideal mix of ease of use and robust functionality that equips Sprinklr to tackle any integration challenge, regardless of complexity, as it expands its digital ecosystem.

“Boomi is the sweet spot between the ease of use with low-code development and the flexibility needed for complex integrations,” Luehmann says. “It gives us the speed and efficiencies we need, but it can handle any kind of integration challenge that we throw at it.”

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