The Boomi Blue Challenge: A Look at Award-Winning Transformation

October 29, 2019
The Boomi Blue Challenge: A Look at Award-Winning Transformation

Boomi customers and partners entering our second annual Boomi Blue Challenge may be wondering: What does an award-winning digital transformation project powered by the Boomi Platform look like?

To help address that question and inspire you, we’re highlighting winners of the 2018 Boomi Blue Challenge. Last year’s top entries were recognized for game-changing success in turning blue-sky vision into real-world projects that transformed their businesses, giving them all new speed and agility.

While every transformation story submitted last year was inspiring, our judges ultimately selected four best-of-the-best Boomi Blue Challenge winners. Those organizations achieved remarkable business results using the Boomi Platform to connect, modernize, transform and innovate across their IT infrastructure and business operations.

The Boomi Blue Challenge call for entries is open now through Friday, December 13. Four winners from the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia-Pacific will be announced on January 17, 2020. To enter the Boomi Blue Challenge:

  • Be a current Boomi customer or partner
  • Identify your primary project leader (award recipient)
  • Describe how your organization uses Boomi to make your blue-sky transformation goals a reality

Besides the prestige of an industry award, winners will receive a complimentary trip to London to network with your peers and Boomi executives.

Let’s take a look at the last year’s winning customers and partners: Origin Energy in Australia, Alleantia in Europe, Virgin Trains in the U.S., and Intouch Insight in Canada.

Get started today! Submit your nomination for the Boomi Blue Challenge 2019. Boomi will honor four innovative organizations for achieving extraordinary business results.

Origin Energy Nets Multimillion-Dollar Savings

Origin Energy, a leading energy provider in Australia, used Boomi to dramatically improve the productivity of thousands of workers who operate and maintain gas facilities, pump lines and infrastructure across Origin’s sprawling operations.

Origin employees often work in remote locations with no reliable Internet connection. Held back by old-school paper-based reporting, Origin needed a better way to gather operational data, schedule work efficiently and gain real-time visibility into the activities of its far-flung workforce.

Using Boomi, Origin created a dynamic scheduling system for field work. The integrated system greatly reduced the need for manual data entry, boosted productivity, improved operations and delivered multimillion-dollar savings in the first year alone.

Plus, it allowed Origin to allocate its workforce more efficiently and made it easy to integrate legacy systems with its new cloud infrastructure and Internet of Things (IoT) edge devices.

"With Boomi, we connected 15 systems, removed the need for paper filing, and made it simple and quick for our workforce to provide reports," says Nigel Bull, a project manager with Origin Energy. "As a result, we increased output and are now more agile.”

Alleantia Taps IoT Data for Smart Manufacturing

Alleantia, a Boomi partner in Italy that supplies an IoT platform for smart manufacturing, is making it easy for its customers to transform device data into new insights, revenue streams and digital innovations.

A lightweight Boomi Atom runs on IoT edge devices and talks with Alleantia’s software, streamlining how manufacturers integrate IoT data with enterprise systems. This new intelligence for factory systems helps Alleantia customers avoid downtime, boost productivity, ensure compliance and drive digital transformation.

Alleantia relies on Boomi because our lightweight Boomi Atoms can seamlessly reside at the network edge (in gateways, for example) to process and filter device data locally before sending it to the enterprise network. This greatly reduces network loads from big data streams and prepares the data for easy integration with business analytics and operations.

"To make the most of the IoT, organizations need to easily and seamlessly integrate information from smart devices and gateways with existing enterprise applications," says Stefano Linari, chief executive officer for Alleantia. "Boomi makes this process far more efficient for our customers and is opening up all new possibilities for how manufacturers use their device data."

Virgin Trains Delivers an Exceptional Passenger Experience

Virgin Trains USA (formerly Brightline) is redefining train travel for the Uber generation. Boomi, a Dell Technologies business, supplies the engine that powers a personalized customer experience in booking and travel across multiple channels, from mobile phones to electronic kiosks, ticket booths and aboard trains.

Using the Boomi Platform, Virgin Trains designed an enterprise architecture that supports seamless passenger interactions and delivers a 360-degree customer view. Boomi connects customer interaction channels with Virgin Trains' Navitaire reservation system, while providing the company with critical scalability, availability, resilience, process monitoring and security.

It’s a massive improvement over a monolithic, point-to-point web application for bookings that lacked flexibility and performance, and resulted in poor passenger experiences. And Boomi partner Visual Integrator Consulting had the new Boomi-powered system live in just three months.

"Boomi is at the center of our guest experience," says Jeff Schappert, senior vice president of technology at Virgin Trains. "Boomi's low-code, cloud-native platform takes care of our data integration challenges so we can focus on taking care of our travelers."

Intouch Insight Enriches Reporting for Customers

Intouch Insight offers customer experience management software and services that help global brands delight their customers, strengthen brand reputation and improve performance. Now Boomi is helping Intouch Insight delight its customers even more.

With Boomi seamlessly managing vital integrations of Intouch Insight’s own platform with other mission-critical software, the company is able to provide much more robust and seamless reporting capabilities as part of its product.

Integrations that would have taken six to nine months to build with conventional techniques took only weeks with Boomi – letting Intouch Insight accelerate business improvements, drive new sales and enrich the customer experience. Boomi supports Intouch Insight's advanced reporting capabilities by transferring data between five systems used by project teams.

"We had a capabilities gap," says Liam Duff, reporting and integration specialist at Intouch Insight. "Integration is not a core aspect of our product or our development team's expertise. But Boomi made that capability gap disappear."

The deadline for Boomi Blue Challenge nominations is Friday, December 13. We want to hear your transformation stories! Get started here.

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