The Boomi Unified Platform: 5 Services That Can Transform Your Digital Ecosystem

June 25, 2019
The Boomi Unified Platform: 5 Services That Can Transform Your Digital Ecosystem

For almost two decades, Dell Boomi has been helping organizations transform their businesses through integration. And as our customers have transformed, so have we.

Today, there are five service capabilities available on the Boomi platform. Each service strengthens the others, giving our customers the ability to do more: faster, efficiently and effectively.

Together they provide a full portfolio of support to help organizations address almost any need they have to connect their data, systems, applications, processes and people. Combined, these Boomi services streamline business workflows, unlock productivity and reduce operational cost.

Boomi Integration is the heart of the platform. It's a high productivity service that supports almost any application integration need across hybrid computing infrastructures. It provides the capabilities of legacy integration tools in a modern low-code, drag-and-drop development environment. Boomi Integration replaces the need for coding and therefore makes it much faster to configure and deploy reusable integrations.

Boomi Master Data Hub is a cloud-native, highly efficient master data management solution that securely synchronizes trusted data across your enterprise. With Boomi Master Data Hub, the business and IT can confidently enforce comprehensive data governance. Boomi Master Data Hub dramatically reduces the number of integrations needed and ensures an accurate 360-degree view of your customers and your business operations.

Boomi Flow is a low-code automation application development tool for building custom apps and automating workflows for your business needs. With Flow, you can see and act on the data moving through your technology and processes. Flow can generate mobile-friendly front end application interfaces, prompt for approvals, and extend your connectivity from system-to-system to system-to-human.

Boomi API Management gives you the ability to centrally manage and enrich API interactions through their entire lifecycle, allowing you to make your data available to the outside world in a clean, secure and elegant way. With Boomi API management, you can rapidly create and publish any endpoint as an API that lives on-premise or in the cloud, as well as manage and control APIs.

With Boomi B2B Management you can quickly and easily integrate your B2B partner network — vendors, suppliers and distributors. B2B Management supports traditional EDI standards, such as X12 and EDIFACT, as well as newer web service protocols, giving you the visibility to monitor all your partner interactions in real time. It also offers a rich set of reporting capabilities.

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Better, Faster, Smarter Together

All together, Boomi's unified platform gives you the ability to connect everything, anywhere, through a single unified platform. With key services on one platform, you can work better, faster and smarter to reach your business goals and accelerate your digital business.

Below are a few examples of how the combined services of the Boomi unified platform empower organizations to far more quickly and easily develop and manage their many types of data integrations, helping streamline operations and automate workflows.

Integrating People: In almost every business process, people are involved. Boomi Flow is designed exactly for this integration need. It enhances data via human interaction. Effectively, Boomi Flow is the human layer of the Boomi Platform.

Using Boomi Integration and/or Boomi Flow, you can automatically feed your data into an ERP system or inventory management system, and have the right workflows in place to support both automated and people-based processes.

Combined with Boomi B2B Management, for example, Boomi Flow could help streamline how you update trading partner information in your partner database. Or matched with Boomi Master Data Hub, Boomi Flow could provide a trigger in Workday to change data, which then automatically flows into Salesforce, while the data consistency is ensured by Boomi Master Data Hub.

And you can use Boomi Master Data Hub’s data cleansing and validation to cross-reference systems. Maybe you have a trading partner listed as "Boomi, Inc." in one system and "Dell Boomi" in another — Boomi Master Data Hub can align and unify that record, then Boomi Flow can provide the human front end.

Ensuring the Best Customer Experience: In order to provide the best customer experience, you need to ensure data quality. But it's not much use having a comprehensive master data management platform if it isn’t tied into all the systems you need to connect.

With Boomi Master Data Hub and Boomi Integration, your integrations are part and parcel of your processes. You can easily receive and present data using APIs and/or EDI, knowing that the quality will not be compromised. Quality data ensures you will have quality insights into your customers' behaviors and interactions with your company.

Improving HR: Onboarding is another example where Boomi's comprehensive set of services can work together to streamline and unify processes across systems, devices and people. By tying all the key data and workflows together for onboarding, Boomi can help ensure your new hires have everything they need for Day One. It worked so well for us internally that we bundled connectors, services, templates and tools to create the Boomi Onboarding Solution Accelerator.

Accelerate Results Through Economies of Skill

While our rich set of services provides the tools you need to address the key aspects of data integration for a modern, hybrid computing environment, the core value of the Boomi Platform is the speed and efficiencies it brings to your organization. With Boomi you can accelerate your business to reach better business outcomes, faster.

Boomi's intuitive drag-and-drop development environment revolutionizes how organizations build integrations. Simply put, you don’t need to be a software developer to use the Boomi platform.

Data mapping and data transformations work the same way across all the services in the platform, so it's easy for customers to get up to speed and start seeing measurable results within hours or days, rather than the months and years of work required by custom coding and legacy middleware.

But that doesn't mean you can't code: the Boomi platform also supports the whole range from no-code to any advanced coding required for "last mile" customizations.

These kinds of core capabilities of the Boomi unified platform are bringing tremendous benefits to our customers.

For example, home décor retailer Umbra recently spoke about the 1,600% return on investment it realized in just 10 months by using Boomi to modernize how it works with its trading partners and connects its digital ecosystem.

Umbra is currently using Boomi Integration and Boomi B2B Management, and plans to use Boomi API Management in future.

Tariq Jamal, Umbra’s global director of technology and business process management, particularly appreciates the "economies of skill" Boomi's unified platform provides.

"Somebody who used to only work on EDI implementation is now able to just as easily work on application integrations or API integrations," he says. "That gives our people the potential to do more.”

To learn about all ways the Boomi unified platform can help your organization do more, contact a Boomi integration expert today.

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