The New Boomi Global Partner Program: A Q&A With Boomi’s Channel Leader, David Tavolaro

May 16, 2018
The New Boomi Global Partner Program: A Q&A With Boomi’s Channel Leader, David Tavolaro

Dell Boomi’s newly enhanced global partner program gives our consulting, integration, SaaS and OEM partners an industry-best framework to engage with customers in building a connected business. It brings even more momentum to record-setting growth for Boomi and our partners.

Together with our partners, we’re helping organizations around the world and across industries improve their businesses and drive digital transformation with the Boomi integration cloud.

We sat down with David Tavolaro, Boomi ‘s vice president of global business development, to discuss our partner channel growth, as well as the recent program enhancements that provide partners with new support, training and other resources to grow their Boomi practices.

What prompted the updates to the Boomi global partner program?

David Tavolaro: Boomi’s business continued to accelerate at a record pace through 2017, and our partner relationships did the same. Revamping our global partner program is aimed at giving partners the training, support and resources they need to meet rapidly growing demands from customers that want to build connected businesses.

We solicited and listened to feedback from partners in building out the program, and we look forward to collaborating and evolving an industry-best program.

The key elements of the new program are competency recognition, our partner implementation accelerator, and a new partner portal.

What are some important updates you’ve made to the program?

David Tavolaro: We’ve formalized our partnerships into a tiered structure, from Authorized at the base level up through Advanced, Select and Elite. Each of those levels requires competencies in certain areas, including handling multiple elements of the Boomi platform, technical certifications, sales accreditations and net new customers. The changes are aimed at supporting skills and expertise development for our partners, recognizing and encouraging our partners’ commitment to sell, design and implement Boomi.

I’m particularly excited about our new implementation accelerator program, geared for the highest partner tiers. In this program, our professional services organization works closely with a partner on their first few implementations of Boomi or a new aspect of the platform. That involves training, as well as some shadowing and mentoring to help drive partner and, ultimately, customer success.

We’ve also launched a new partner portal. We’ve redone all our content and made it easily accessible. The portal houses such content as sales collateral, competitive information, use cases, case studies, first-call decks and so forth.

And we’ve dramatically enhanced our learning management system and made it completely free, so partners can access online training courses at will.

What was the inspiration for the changes to the partner program?

David Tavolaro: Our goal with the Boomi partner program is to be best-in-class at everything that we do. Our aim is to serve our partners better than any of our competitors. And our integration platform is built with partners in mind. Boomi has a very long history of being an extremely channel-friendly company. This is the next phase of that continuing commitment.

A big chunk of our business originates in one way or another through the channel, such as via sales leads from the channel or through an embedded software vendor relationship. So our partners are vital contributors to Boomi’s success. They are a clear competitive advantage for us. We don’t believe that competitors in the market are going to serve their channel as well as Boomi does. Certainly, we are fully committed to ensuring our partners have all the support from us that they need.

How does the expanded partner program benefit the mutual customers of Boomi and its partners?

David Tavolaro: The more experts that are out there who know how to apply Boomi to specific use cases and business requirements, the better off our customers are going to be. Many of our partners have had customer relationships for decades. This is because they really understand their clients’ needs.

Integration is the critical driver for successful digital transformation. Boomi’s partners have the expertise to see how integration fits into a hybrid IT architecture. With our partners implementing Boomi, our mutual customers can achieve breakthrough levels of automation, visibility and efficiency that create connected businesses. Together, we are bringing revolutionary speed and scale to how organizations integrate their applications and data.

You’ve been leading the Boomi partner channel for more than a year. Beyond the recent partner program refresh, what are some highlights of growth and change during your tenure?

David Tavolaro: We’ve really expanded and deepened our relationships with all our partners — global systems integrators, regional system integrators, OEM partners and cloud application vendors (ISVs), as well as the Dell Technologies direct sales organization.

We’ve added about 60 new partners for a total of 300, and we’ve grown our own partner support team by more than 20 people. Our partner ecosystem is thriving because integration is now so critical for any company interested in migrating to the cloud, creating operational improvements, and reaching the ultimate goal of digital transformation.

We’ve significantly strengthened our relationships with global and regional systems integrators. At the same time, they’ve committed a lot more resources to their Boomi practices and have advanced their use of our unified integration platform. We have some partners with as many as 500 people trained on Boomi.

Like many customers, our partners typically start out with using our core integration technology. But then they quickly see the value in our unified set of integration capabilities. Many partners are now expanding into implementations of our Master Data Hub for assuring data quality. They’re also using Boomi Flow to integrate people into data workflows.

And to facilitate connections within and outside an organization, Boomi partners are helping our mutual customers use Boomi Mediate for API management and Boomi Exchange for electronic data interchange (EDI) for running B2B networks.

So our partners are taking advantage of all the capabilities in our unified platform to help their customers more quickly achieve their digital transformation goals. The growth in the scope and breadth of our partners’ capabilities has been really impressive while I’ve been here.

What are some of the other exciting developments within Boomi’s partner ecosystem?

David Tavolaro: One thing I’m really excited about is that we’ve developed a strategic group of regional system integrators that have extensive expertise in the Boomi platform. They have a large number of people certified on the Boomi platform and have developed their own custom offerings built on Boomi for healthcare, managed services and popular applications like Salesforce or NetSuite. They’re building a business around Boomi, and we’ve elevated them as a strategic group.

Our software vendor relationships also continue to grow. We’ve signed a lot of software vendors as OEM partners, and like the system integrators, they’re taking advantage of the broader elements of our platform. Our key OEM software partners are also driving additional revenue for us.

Another exciting partner area for us relates to our global expansion. We’re a global company, and we’re driving a significant portion of our business in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. We’re growing very quickly with our partners in these regions.

A big part of our work on refreshing our partner program was to update how we handled partners across the world. We wanted one program that we could build, manage and govern across the globe, and that’s what we’ve done. Everything is consistent across our global partner program — no separate agreements, competencies and pay structures.

You mentioned the Dell Technologies partnership — what’s going on with that?

David Tavolaro: The broader Dell Technologies organization has always been a Boomi channel partner, but it is now dramatically expanding. We’re aligned more tightly with our sister companies, including Pivotal, Dell EMC, Virtustream, VMware, RSA and Secureworks.

Boomi business development managers align with each region of Dell Technologies globally on the enterprise and commercial segments to drive awareness, training and education so that thousands of Dell reps around the world understand how to spot an opportunity where Boomi fits.

That’s going very, very well. We’ve set record numbers, by far, in the first few months of this year. The number of leads generated through the Dell enterprise and commercial channels is at least double what we’ve seen in any month ever before. We expect that pipeline to continue to grow.

What characteristics do you commonly see in Boomi’s most successful partners?

David Tavolaro: A few things. One is there’s always a Boomi champion or a group of champions working at our most successful partners. Those champions help educate the rest of a partner organization about the value that Boomi can provide. And they have the creativity to understand how Boomi can fit into different elements of the partner business, be that managed services or implementation or specific solution development or something else.

Another common characteristic of Boomi’s most successful partners is a willingness to train their people. It can be demanding to commit employees to a comprehensive, long-term training program.

But our partners that make such a commitment end up with great expertise. This then lets them really understand how Boomi can help their customers and makes it easy for them to work very efficiently implementing Boomi projects, furthering a virtuous cycle of benefits for our mutual customers.

The third characteristic of successful Boomi partners relates to field-level execution. Our top partners are willing to work with us on both sides, between our field sales organization and their field sales organization, to figure out how we can best work together. Once we get a couple of wins together, the partnership really starts rolling.

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