The Next Level of Simplifying and Accelerating Connections to Boomi, For All

October 13, 2020
The Next Level of Simplifying and Accelerating Connections to Boomi, For All

With more than 12,000 customers, we know about connections. And when you watch episode 3 of Out of this World, you’ll see we’ve achieved a whole new level of connectivity.  

We know a little something about what our customers need: to instantly connect people to what they want. We’ve enabled customers large and small to connect their entire ecosystem. We’ve worked with integration developers, line of business owners, and everyone in between to accelerate business outcomes.

So, what does Boomi do with all of this knowledge about connections? Simple: Make it even easier and faster for anyone to connect. And we mean everyone, from the SMB to the largest enterprise, from the technical developer to the citizen developer.

We make it frictionless for developers to get started with Boomi. We make it easier for citizen integrators within LOB divisions to create integrations faster than ever before so they can respond to our ever-evolving global environment.

AtomSphere Go

Hey developers! This one is for you. Let’s Go. Fast. Let’s AtomSphere Go!

AtomSphere Go is fast, frictionless, consumption-based access to the Boomi AtomSphere platform just like your favorite IaaS and cloud services.

AtomSphere Go is for everyone. SMBs that can’t make big capital commitments, but need the agility and breadth of capabilities that comes from working with the leader in cloud-based iPaaS. It’s also for developers within large enterprise organizations who are trying to solve specific business problems fast, while still essentially simplifying governance and observability across the organization.

AtomSphere Go isn’t a stripped-down shell of the platform. AtomSphere Go gives you access to the entire Boomi platform.The whole enchilada. Let unlimited users log on. Create unlimited connections, integrations, and workflows. Simply pay-as-you-scale. Pay only for how much you use the platform.

With AtomSphere Go, we’re here to help you reinvent traditional approaches to integration and move to the cloud — fast. We’re here to help you remove lengthy evaluation and procurement processes in adopting new technology solutions.

We’re here to help you remove the strains to achieving your key business objectives such as time to value, budget clarity, ROI, and the ability to properly assess timelines, and measure costs versus benefits. We’re here to help you change your business, fast.

Don’t worry. You will always have real-time visibility into your platform usage and trends, essentially providing you more visibility into operational costs to help you run efficiently from a cost management perspective — very critical in these COVID times.

It’s contactless access to Boomi if you want it. However, if you need help, AtomSphere Go includes access to standard support, extensive training, and certifications, as well as the Boomiverse Community and all of its content.

Project Lightspeed

From contactless, we go to point-and-click.

Since inventing cloud-based iPaaS, we have led the market on simplicity and time to value, initially with integration focused templates, and more recently with our Solutions Showcase.

Now we are taking it to the next level — with solutions personalized to you.

Project Lightspeed takes a really complex problem and promises to simplify it for the business user or a citizen integrator. Project Lightspeed keeps the integration process with the business user who understands the business logic.

Project Lightspeed will analyze your applications and data to automatically generate a data synchronization solution, custom tailored to your actual usage, without needing to configure and map all the integration processes between applications.

With Project Lightspeed, you’ll be able to dramatically decrease time and complexity for configuring and deploying common hub-and-spoke style data sync projects by automating the majority of difficult and time-consuming tasks including data analysis, model definition, and field-level mapping.

Best of all, it’s all done in a secure, compliant manner, with guardrails set by IT. All thanks to Boomi’s comprehensive, multi-tenant AtomSphere platform.

Project Lightspeed is pervasive connectivity, personalized.

And of course, all this and more is delivered on our multi-tenant, open, scalable, secure, FedRAMP-certified platform that is built to support your projects and needs across your on-premises and multi-cloud ecosystem.

The Future is Faster and Easier For All

Boomi is the only vendor that has a vision for making integration faster and easier for our entire community. We’re the only one that has the platform breadth to rapidly create integrated experiences for organizations of all sizes and intelligence to make it easier for you than anyone else to instantly connect people to what they want.

Watch the full product vision keynote during Episode 3 of Out of This World.

This post was co-authored by Ed Macosky, senior vice president of product and Rajesh Raheja, senior vice president of engineering.

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Ed Macosky is Boomi's head of product.