Time’s Running Out to Enter the Boomi Blue Challenge

November 25, 2019
Time’s Running Out to Enter the Boomi Blue Challenge

If your organization is using the Boomi Platform to drive digital transformation and run a faster, more agile business, the Boomi Blue Challenge awards program is designed for you.

But don’t delay — the entry deadline of Friday, December 13 at 11:59 pm Pacific time is fast approaching!

Our second annual Boomi Blue Challenge will honor customers and partners that have turned a “blue sky” vision into reality by connecting, modernizing, transforming and/or innovating across their organizations with Boomi.

It’s a great opportunity to win industry recognition for your achievements — and you’ll also receive a complimentary trip to  London to network with your peers and Boomi executives. To enter the Boomi Blue Challenge:

  • Be a current Boomi customer or partner
  • Identify your primary project leader (award recipient)
  • Describe how your organization uses Boomi to make your blue-sky transformation goals a reality

Our Boomi Blue Challenge executive committee will review all submissions and announce four winners — one each from the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia-Pacific — through our social media platforms and website on January 17, 2020.

Get started now by registering and filling out the Boomi Blue Challenge award nomination form. Characteristics of a winning entry could include:

  • Faster business outcomes
  • Reduced IT and operational costs
  • Improved customer and partner experiences
  • Growth in revenue and profitability
  • Greater efficiency in business processes
  • Accelerated rollout of new products and services
We want to hear your transformation story! Visit the Boomi Blue Challenge page to get started — the deadline is Friday, December 13 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific time.

To find some inspiration, you’ll find some best-of-the-best customer stories spotlighted in our recent ebook "Winning With Boomi: Customer Showcase."

To give you an idea of the results that could land you a Boomi Blue Challenge 2019 award, let’s take a look some customers featured in "Winning With Boomi" — Diana E-Commerce Corp., Easterseals Northern California, Contraload and North Sea Port.

Diana Streamlines eCommerce and Cuts Manual Work 75%

Diana E-commerce Corp., a fast-growing Italian agency that builds and operates ecommerce websites for leading fashion brands, needed modern integration to streamline order fulfillment, inventory, website management and financial processes.

Boomi provides the ideal platform. Diana can quickly and easily connect systems that include NetSuite and SAP Business One, as well as Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Magento ecommerce systems. The company is improving client satisfaction with timely inventory listings on websites, and fast, accurate fulfillment to end-consumers.

Manual IT work has been slashed by about 75 percent, while Diana can build integrations up to 4X faster than previous custom coding. The company has significantly reduced back orders and returns, and has new agility to address operational complexity and meet client expectations.

“Boomi gives us agility to streamline our business processes and better serve clients with speed to market and fast, accurate fulfillment,” says Valentino Baraldo, head of technology. “We’re able to move more quickly, more efficiently while reducing costs since adopting Boomi.”

Easterseals Transforms Into a State-of-the-Art Healthcare Network

For Easterseals Northern California, a recent state law requiring healthcare insurers to cover behavioral health treatment for individuals with autism and other developmental disorders opened an opportunity for the nonprofit to extend its long history of leadership.

Easterseals turned to Boomi to help power a large-scale digital transformation that would create one the largest behavioral healthcare networks in the U.S. Boomi provides the integration core of a secure, HIPAA-compliant digital information system across groups of providers, patients and insurers.

By connecting systems including NetSuite, Salesforce Health Cloud and AthenaHealth, Easterseals obtained a 360-degree patient view and can manage data from thousands of patients and practitioners each month. Its venture quickly expanded to cover 7,000 practitioners and $180 million in billings.

“Boomi’s ability to easily bridge between the latest and greatest web services and more traditional enterprise applications is critical for managing a hybrid IT environment like ours,” says Robert Van Tuyl, chief innovation officer. “Boomi has improved the quality of data in our systems, the efficiency of our operations, and most importantly the patient experience. We couldn't ask for more than that."

Get started today! Submit your nomination for the Boomi Blue Challenge 2019. Boomi will honor four innovative organizations for achieving extraordinary business results.

Contraload Saves 120 Hours a Week in Supply Chain Transformation

Contraload, which offers an eco-friendly supply chain service that lets companies rent from a shared pool of 3 million reusable plastic pallets and containers to move and transport goods, has Boomi at the heart of a business and IT transformation initiative called ICT that’s delivered remarkable results.

Contraload uses Boomi to capture data from customer systems to improve inventory tracking, billing and customer service. The company is streamlining order-to-cash processes and giving its sales reps improved data visibility to better serve customers with timely, accurate information. This use of the Boomi Platform has helped Contraload sustain double-digit revenue growth and rapidly expand its customer base, now at more than 3,000.

Contraload has reduced manual work by IT and operational personnel by 120 hours a week — the equivalent of three full-time employees. Troubleshooting time is down from weeks to minutes, and staff are building integrations up to 10X faster than they could with previous custom scripting methods. Next, Contraload is looking to Boomi to integrate Internet of Things (IoT) data to improve pallet tracking.

“Boomi helps us think differently about how we connect with our customers, and how we connect our systems and employees internally,” says Raf Fonteyn, ICT director. “We don't have to be that slow and cumbersome IT department — Boomi lets us go faster and deliver business results.”

North Sea Port Boosts Registrations 25% With Intelligent IoT Platform

North Sea Port, which operates three harbors in the Netherlands and Belgium handling 50,000 cargo ships a year, wanted to streamline registration of ships docking at the port. Its existing processes were time-consuming and error-prone, requiring visually scanning port waters and manually entering data into a port management system.

With the help of Boomi partner Nalta, North Sea Port rolled out the Boomi Platform to integrate IoT data captured from ship sensors with both a port management system and a custom-built application called Harmony. This has given port personnel and ship operators new efficiencies and control over how vessels register at the port.

As a result, North Sea Port is generating new revenue with a 25 percent increase in ship registrations. It has accelerated ship invoicing from weeks to hours, speeding cash flow. And it has eliminated 40 hours a week of manual work while strengthening safety and security at the port and its three harbors.

“The Boomi-powered Harmony app is delivering an increase in revenue, quality and safety, and a decrease in cost and lead time," says Rick van Sluijs, IT manager. “The Harmony app with Boomi as its foundation shows the value of innovating with modern technology like IoT to drive better business outcomes.”

We want to hear your transformation story! Visit the Boomi Blue Challenge page to get started — and be sure to file your nomination form by Friday, December 13 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific time.

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