USAID Grants Dell Boomi Authority to Operate

June 12, 2019
USAID Grants Dell Boomi Authority to Operate

United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is the world’s leading development and humanitarian assistance agency, whose assistance has helped countries increase educational attainment, boost life expectancy, reduce poverty and transition from being aid recipients to become economic and security partners.

Technology is woven into all aspects of the agency’s operations, helping it navigate the ever-changing opportunities and challenges to help families, communities and countries. Dell Boomi is proud to be given the opportunity to support USAID’s information technology strategy, as the agency transforms how it conducts business with its stakeholders and partners and enables them to accomplish their mission and goals.

Boomi offers a secure integration platform that makes it faster and easier to unify data, systems, applications, processes and people. The Boomi platform streamlines operations and reduces costs by moving beyond legacy technologies to build an IT foundation for the future, while improving the quality, speed and intuitiveness of interactions and collaboration.

With Boomi, USAID can access the information it needs to make data-driven decisions based on timely, reliable and accurate information. It can boost operational excellence and drive innovation to confidently deliver on its Information Technology Strategic Plan 2016–2020.

We are thrilled to receive the Authority to Operate from USAID and to help the agency emphasize its commitment to providing robust, efficient, flexible and secure information technology solutions. We cannot wait to see what USAID will be able to take on using Boomi’s compliant and scalable cloud-native integration platform.

Here’s to creating a better, more seamless and connected government experience for citizens, partners and employees.

Visit the Boomi for Federal Government webpage to learn more about how Boomi helps federal organizations.

About the Author

Kristina Avrionova is a product marketing manager at Dell Boomi.