Why Dell Boomi Is the Leading Integration Partner for Software Vendors

May 24, 2018
Why Dell Boomi Is the Leading Integration Partner for Software Vendors

In recent blog posts, we outlined how software vendors can meet rising customer demand for fast, agile integration by partnering with an integration vendor. And we addressed key technology characteristics that independent software vendors (ISVs) should look for in an integration partner.

But integration technology is only part of the equation. Another critical consideration for application providers is the experience, scope and track record of an integration vendor’s partner program. How well an integration vendor supports its software partners can make or break success.

At Dell Boomi, we take pride in having built out our software partner program for more than a decade. Boomi launched in 2007 with software partners firmly embedded in the go-to-market strategy for our pioneering integration platform as a service (iPaaS). We even designed our integration platform with the flexibility and scale we knew that ISVs would need to deliver connectivity to their customers.

Boomi’s software partners have been fundamental to our success from day one, as noted in a new Boomi ebook, “A Guide for Application Providers: Choosing the Right Integration Partner.” Today, application vendors make up a large share of our 240 partners, along with systems integration and service providers. We continue to invest heavily in our software vendor relationships with a seasoned partner support team that’s laser-focused on ISV success.

How and Why Experience Matters

Boomi’s software vendor partner team has decades of experience helping ISVs create more efficient integration strategies that boost sales and improve customer satisfaction. Our sales engineers assist in developing proofs of concept based on individual use cases, illustrating how an integration will work on their software platform and what that will mean for the customer experience.

We have account managers who support software vendors on the back end. We also provide technical success consultants who are well-versed in the needs of software vendors and how they can best use Boomi to deliver integration at scale. That goes beyond just testing whether an ISV application can integrate well with, say, Salesforce or NetSuite or SAP. It also means assessing the reusability of a Boomi integration across multiple customers, and the role of Boomi updates and the monitoring environment.

Boomi’s software vendor team also has partner product managers who ensure that Boomi continues to evolve the platform with features that make it easy to embedded Boomi into other software platforms.

Our partner managers collaborate with partners on business plan co-development and marketing that can include joint case studies, videos, blog posts, and opportunities for webinars, Boomi World and other events.

We also offer an extensive partner onboarding program that incorporates years of experience working with software vendors. Our training programs and post-sale resources ensure that Boomi software partners have a fast on-ramp and are fully geared up to successfully deliver integration to their customers.

In all aspects of our partnership, we are focused on helping our software partners make the most of Boomi to connect their apps across hybrid IT environments, meeting customer demands for fast, scalable cloud-native integration.

No other iPaaS vendor matches Boomi’s experience helping software vendors manage their integration needs. Here’s what one of our OEM partners says:

“Boomi’s agile cloud integration is a natural fit to meet our growing demand for seamless and reliable data integration.” — Matt Crawford, Director of Product Management, Workiva

To learn more, download the Boomi ebook, “A Guide for Application Providers: Choosing the Right Integration Partner.”

About the author: Rebecca Whitlatch is Delll Boomi’s senior partner marketing manager for application providers.

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About the Author

Rebecca Whitlatch is a senior partner marketing manager for Boomi.