Winning Is the Common Denominator for Boomi Customers

July 12, 2019
Winning Is the Common Denominator for Boomi Customers

Organizations around the world use the Boomi Platform to connect their businesses, modernize infrastructure, digitally transform and power new routes to innovation.

A few weeks ago, we wrote about how some of the world's leading organizations win with Boomi. But with more than 8,200 customers, we have far too many stories to be able to share them all in a single post.

Massachusetts-based companies and Moderna Therapeutics are in very different industries with entirely different business practices and measures for success.

Online retailer and distributor ships more than half of the chocolate sold in the United States by helping its partners consistently outperform their competitors.

Meanwhile, Moderna Therapeutics is creating a new generation of transformative medicines for patients through mRNA science.

It may seem the organizations have nothing in common other than location. But, in fact, they do have another common denominator: They use Boomi to accelerate their desired business outcomes.

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Accelerating Biomedical Innovation

Biotechnology firm Moderna Therapeutics is an innovator in the biomedical field, developing therapeutics and vaccines that help save lives. To bring speed and agility to its operations and support its cloud-first strategy, Moderna needed to integrate a large portfolio of best-of-breed applications.

Moderna is fueled by a robust digitization strategy that “uses the full power of the cloud as the foundation,” says Marcello Damiani, Moderna's chief digital officer. The five building blocks fundamental to success are integration, the Internet of Things (IoT), automation and robotics, analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI).

The company selected the cloud-native, unified Boomi Platform to integrate its suite of data and best-of-breed applications and to keep data in sync across all of them. The combination of Boomi Integration and Boomi Master Data Hub helps organizations validate, enrich, aggregate, and synchronize data in any domain, ensuring data is consistent across on-premise and cloud-based systems.

Boomi’s low-code platform helped Moderna scale by integrating multiple SaaS applications and automating complex, cross-platform business transactions including budgeting, vendor payments and human resources management.

“We use Boomi integration because it works, and it’s so easy to put in place,” Damiani says. “And with Boomi Master Data Hub, our data is correct everywhere, whether it’s flowing to our HR applications, finance applications or our scientific tools.”

With Boomi, Moderna’s scientists are no longer held back by the data. They can totally focus on the critical research needed to help the company advance its breakthrough biomedical science.

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Transforming Shipping With Bulletproof EDI

Online candy distributor and retailer slashed trading partner onboarding time from six months to five days by using Boomi to transform its EDI business network. is a super power in white label shipping, supplying large retailers all over the country. More than 50 percent of all chocolate sold in the United States and shipped during the summer months comes from’s temperature- and humidity-controlled warehouse.

The vast majority of the company’s sales are from its major trading partners in the U.S. And EDI is vital to the health of those partnerships. wanted to bring its EDI management in-house to boost the speed of order entry, improve accuracy and save on costs — but it needed a platform that could integrate with NetSuite and could be put into production quickly. After learning about the Boomi integration platform from a trusted supplier, the company knew it had the right provider.

Boomi B2B Management allows companies to more effectively integrate with their vendors, suppliers and distributors by using traditional EDI and newer web service protocols. Integration is Boomi’s “sweet spot” — the perfect match for

With Boomi, eliminated the high cost of third-party EDI services and freed resources to focus on sales and business analytics. Now, the company saves more than 200 hours per week in manual processing while delivering fail-safe next-day shipping. Boomi ensures orders are processed, paid for, and out the door on time.

“Our reputation and success in the industry is very much built upon our success with Boomi,” says Gary Cifatte,’s chief technology officer. “With Boomi, our EDI is lightning-fast and bulletproof.”

Learn more about how the world's leading organizations "Win With Boomi."

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